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21 Best Fishing Spots In Brisbane | Man of Many

Breakfast Creek is located near Albion which is 4 km north-east of Brisbane. This waterway offers multiple chances to reel in some fish at various times throughout the day. But for the best results, we recommend coming early morning or early evening this is when the fish return after the ferries sail away.

1. Breakfast Creek

Just a 37 min drive from Brisbane’s CBD, you’ll find Manly Boat Harbour Rock Wall. The Manly Boat Harbour Rock Wall offers up a couple of different vantage points. You have a choice of fishing from the concrete walkways or rock entrance walls, each of which offers plenty of opportunities to catch fish. The rock wall extends out into deeper waters making this a popular spot.

2. Manly Boat Harbour Rock Wall

Colmslie Recreation Reserve is home to a large reserve which is a short drive from the city. The reserve also has a sandy beach by the river as well as a pontoon and jetty for fishing. Amenities are nearby for an easy day outdoors. Come early or at night as during the day it can get busy.

3. Colmslie Recreation Reserve

Woody point jetty is one popular spot for many fishing lovers and it’s not that far from the CBD either. Whether you’re experienced or a beginner you’ll be able to get decent catch all year round. You can fish from the jetty into deeper water and have a go trying to catch the schools of fish below.

4. Woody Point Jetty

The foreshore is a popular spot to fish as there are many spots suitable for land-based fishing. The entrance to Schulz Canal runs through muddy sandflat at Nudgee Beach offering the chance to catch plenty of fish. There is also a boat ramp on the west bank with a large parking area.

5. Tuckeroo Park, Nudgee Beach

Just a short boat ride from the Brisbane River mouth you will find Mud Island. Easily accessible by boat and with a variety of fishing depths you can net a variety of fish. Several fishing zones are on offer here in the south, north and west you will find this one a popular stomping ground.

6. Mud Island, Moreton Bay

Fish on the bridge or underneath it at the base of the columns. Be warned that strong currents are brutal here, so best try to fish during the turn of the tide. At night you’ll have more of a chance for Mangrove Jacks and Threadfin Salmon around the pylons.

7. Gateway Bridge

The Wynnum Jetty gives Fishermen and Women access to some deeper waters compared to other jetty’s. There are two undercover pergolas as well as prime fishing areas. Best to get there early for a prized spot to set up either under the pergolas or close to the edge.

8. Wynnum Jetty

If the Jetty is packed as it usually is why not try the Creek, send your line into shallower waters closer to the rock wall and try your luck. You’ll have the same amount of chances to snag something if not more. Although the water weed attracts many fish be careful when you cast so you don’t snag your line.

9. Wynnum Creek

There is no longer a bridge here, but its preserved archway provides a lookout to where the river meets the bay making this an excellent spot for fishing. The old bridge pylons offer an ideal habitat for fish to lurk and the current refreshes the area with scores of fish. Also fishing closer to the Pine River will increase chances of catching fish.

10. Hornibrook Bridge, Pine River

Wellington Point Jetty offers a great entry point into the world of fishing. The iconic wooden jetty is 22 km southeast of Brisbane. The jetty is known for its abundance of fish, guaranteed to catch something when casting off here. The side railings are where the water is more shallow, while the point at the end of the Jetty where the water is deepest and could present slightly more of a challenge.

11. Wellington Point Jetty

Pine river is located in the northern suburbs of Brisbane. The river is popular among many fishermen and women, but that doesn’t mean there’s no fish. Even though it is popular there is still fish to catch and many spots to cast your line. Plus they’re available by both land and by boat via the boat ramp.

12. Pine River, Bald Hills

Kangaroo Park at Karana Downs is half an hour south-west of Brisbane. Since the local council rebuilt the damaged fishing platform, it has become more popular among fishermen and women. The fishing platform gives great access to the areas of teeming fish and crabs. The park also has a playground, public toilets, barbecue facilities, sheltered picnic areas as well as a giant off-leash area for dogs.

13. Kangaroo Park, Karana Downs

The pier gives anglers access to deeper water and has many amenities nearby. The pier is made of timber and is one of the longest in Brisbane, giving you plenty of space to pick a spot and cast into the saltwater below. Plus the pier is only 35 mins from the city, so why not make the trip here and cast a line.

14. Shorncliffe Pier, Shorncliffe

For many Brisban fishermen and Women, Barbie island is a hot spot as it has multiple areas to cast a line. It is also popular as it has a large variety of fish to catch. Bribie Island offers up something for everyone whether you’re new to the fishing or you’re experienced you’ll definitely catch something here and have fun doing it. Just beware, there are a few strict no-fishing zones around Bribie Island, so maybe have a look before going.

15. Bribie Island

With a large number of fishing platforms at various sites to fish, Cameron Rock reserve is worth the visit. The fishing spots at Cameron Rocks are geared more towards experienced fishermen due to the currents of the river, but don’t let that stop you from trying your luck. The reserve also has a picnic area so your fishing experience can be a little bit more comfortable.

16. Cameron Rocks Reserve, Hamilton

The Port of Brisbane is another favourite spot for land-based and boat fishing. You can try your luck at one of the many piers in the area or just on your boat and try your luck there. There is a variety of fish to catch here. If you do decide to venture out on a boat just to be sure to abide by the access restrictions as heavy fines can apply. It doesn’t hurt to see what restrictions are in place.

17. Port of Brisbane

Boggy Creek is a small arm that runs off the Brisbane River. There are a few choice spots for land fishing here, which all offer a couple of different vantage points. It must be said that the waters here can be hit and miss, but it doesn’t hurt to give it a go.

18. Boggy Creek Entrance

Redcliffe Jetty is one of the Moreton Bay Region’s most identifiable landmarks and it’s only a 40 min drive from Brisbane’s CBD. This iconic Jetty is a hugely popular spot for fishermen and women to throw in a line or cast a net. The location also has a large covered area to set up in halfway down the jetty.

19. Redcliffe Jetty

Newstead Park Jetty is a popular place to fish, as the river holds a large number of fish. The jetty is located just by the creek mouth so it’s a prime position to drop a line or two. There is deep water within casting range and lots of structure and can be accessed by everybody.

20. Newstead Park Jetty

Just 33 mins from the CBD you’ll find Sandgate Foreshores Park. The park has beachfront access and is in walking distance of a couple of Jetty’s, which attract many fishermen and women. The park also has a great playground as well as shaded seating under the tree canopy.

21. Sandgate Foreshores Park

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