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Our list of the best massage guns goes like this.

Best Massage Guns at a Glance

It’s often noted that stretching, quality sleep, nutritious fuel and hydration all enhance recovery, yet using a massage gun is one newer method we’ve found rapidly heals sore muscles, aches and pains. With numerous massage head attachments, designs and a series of versatile functions, any of the best massage guns chosen by our editors below will have you feeling amazing.

Best Percussion Massage Guns

1. Theragun PRO (5th Generation)

As the premier brand in the sports recovery industry, Theragun is no stranger to portable massage guns and tools, best typified by the Theragun PRO. Yes, the price tag might immediately put some people off. However, we firmly believe that it’s a worthwhile investment, considering the unmatched quality of this product. And with the release of the latest 5th Generation, the PRO has somehow been elevated to new heights. The redesign includes an OLED screen display with four visually guided built-in routines: Sleep, Warm Up, Recovery, and Theragun Break. This makes soothing sore muscles easier than ever, regardless of the time of day.

2. Hyperice Hypervolt Plus (With Bluetooth)

One of the key selling points of the Hypervice Hypervolt (With Bluetooth) is that its super quiet without compromising on its recovery capabilities. Plus, its hammer-like profile makes the tool super nimble and effective for handling despite weighing 2.5 lbs.

3. Theragun Mini (2nd Edition)

As the name suggests, the Theragun Mini is small. This compact, lightweight massage gun is ideal for relief on the go. And the second generation is even more portable, now 20 per cent smaller and 30 per cent lighter than the previous iteration. With 150 minutes of battery life and three speeds for varying massages, the Theragun Mini isn’t too far from its larger counterparts and you can still tackle all muscle groups. If you’re constantly moving and have limited bag space, this is a great, space-saving percussion massage gun. We’ve also found it to be the ultimate buddy for flying or long-distance travel.

4. Hypervolt GO

From Theragun’s mini model to Hyperice’s Hypervolt GO. While not as compact as the Theragun Mini, this lightweight massage gun is still 30 per cent smaller than the Hypervolt model we discussed earlier. This smaller, lightweight model again is great for travel and transport and is basically as strong as its bigger siblings. With three speed settings and two interchangeable heads, you can’t go wrong with a Hypervolt GO.

5. Hydragun

Performance technology start-up, Hydragun, is no longer the new kid on the block and has grown to become a force in the industry. The Australian company offers a high-quality massage gun that is far quieter than some of the other options on this list while still belting out an impressive 3200 pulses per minute for that deep tissue massage. Made to last, this sturdy design is built with an aerospace-grade aluminium chassis.

6. Homedics Physio Massage Gun

The Homedics Physio Massage Gun is an ideal entry-level massage gun. This Homedics model is an option that won’t break the bank and has all the bells and whistles other massage guns like to boast. Three settings, multiple massage heads, as well as being light and compact for storage and travel. Like we said, if you’re new to percussion massage guns, start with the Homedics Physio Massage Gun.

7. Theragun Elite (4th Generation)

From new to experienced, we have the Theragun Elite. If you’ve been using a massage gun for a while and you feel it’s time for an upgrade, you won’t regret the Thergun Elite. Integrating all the latest technology, from OLED screens to ergonomic handling, this massage gun is an ultra-quiet device that’s perfect for everyday use. While it is a little loud compared to other ‘quiet’ models on our list, the beloved Theragun quality keeps it ranked as one of the best massage guns on the market.

8. Renpho Active Massage Gun

Renpho really knows its stuff when it comes to health, and now it’s jumped into the massage gun game with impressive results. And don’t be fooled by the affordable price tag, because this device delivers an awesome all-around experience that’s perfect for optimal muscle recovery without breaking the bank. With five adjustable speeds ranging from 1800 to 3200 ppm and five different attachments to target all muscle groups, it even comes with a rechargeable 2500mAh battery that lasted a whole week of workouts. Talk about power!

9. Celsius Percussion Gun

The Celsius Percussion Gun is another great entry-level tool on our list of the best percussion massage guns. This affordable massager stands out for its user-friendly design, offering three power levels conveniently controlled by a single button. Combine these adjustable power settings with the three interchangeable heads included, and you’re in for a satisfying full-body massage experience. When it comes to an affordable and effortless percussion massage gun, the Celsius Percussion Gun is an excellent choice that won’t disappoint.

10. TimTam PowerMassager PRO

While the name will remind Australian readers of a tasty chocolate treat, the TimTam PowerMassager PRO is far from it. Looking like something that you’d find in a toolbox, this upgraded massager gun now has three powerful massage settings, hard, harder and hardest. Battery life isn’t the best here, but with its deep tissue massage power, you won’t want long on those tender muscles.

11. Wahl Heat & Ice Massage Gun

Wahl’s entry into the massage gun market offers a range of enhancements to elevate your experience. With five distinct levels of intensity, it delivers an impressive 3200 pulses per minute. Accompanied by six versatile attachment heads, this release ensures a variety of options to cater to your specific needs. However, the standout feature is undoubtedly the heat and ice setting, which works wonders in alleviating stiffness in joints and promoting muscle relaxation. Adding to its uniqueness, the long and adjustable handle enables effortless access to those hard-to-reach muscles in the middle of your back.

12. Sportneer Deep Tissue Muscle Massager

Rounding out our list of the best percussion massage guns is the Sportneer Deep Tissue Muscle Massager. With six different interchangeable heads, you’ll be able to relieve almost any pain or stress from your body. And with six hours of charge, you’ll be able to get the most of these different attachments for hours on end. While not as powerful as other models on our list, this is still an exceptional purchase if you suffer from low-level tension.
A percussion massage gun is a fast, efficient alternative to the foam roller. Imagine an electric hand drill, but with a vibrating head on the end. This type of massage provides rapid bursts of pressure into the body’s muscle tissue, differing from the light strikes used in traditional massage. Even better, unlike myofascial massaging tools, such as foam rollers, that can yield similar results, massage guns can hyper-target a specific problem area.

What Does a Percussion Massage Gun Do?

While users often report massage guns as being essentially a cure for any sore muscle, the basic science behind the fitness equipment is strong. A 2014 study suggested that vibration therapy and massage (both of which are part of percussive therapy) are equally effective methods to prevent DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), implying that you are less likely to feel muscle pain or tightness in the 24 to 72 hours after an intense workout.

Health Benefits of Percussion Massage Guns?

From a basic perspective, reliability, noise, and battery life are the three most important factors of a percussion massage gun.

What to Look For in a Percussion Massage Gun?

While using a massage gun isn’t an exact science, using a massage gun like a pro is all about nailing the right techniques.

How to Use a Massage Gun

To curate our list of the top massage guns, we relied on the expertise of our team of editors who have over five years of experience covering fitness and health content. Man of Many has had the opportunity to personally experience and test each massage gun featured on this list, often with the help of our industry connections. Our evaluation process takes into consideration three key factors: quality, price point, and performance, ensuring a comprehensive rating. As a reputable fitness blog, we possess the necessary knowledge to discern the qualities that make a percussion massage gun truly exceptional.

How We Chose the Best Massage Guns

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