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13 Tasteful Websites for the Best Nudes | Man of Many

The celebration of tasteful nudes goes far deeper than a dodgy hotel room and we’re here to take the moral high ground and show you how. This is the definitive collection of the tastiest and best nudes on the web. Littered with sites that eschew tack and tawdry crassness in favour of tasteful snaps of beautiful women and men who deserve a day in the sun to show us what their mamma gave them without compromising artistic merit and class. It’s a conglomeration of the most stylish nudes from around the internet. Presenting our list of tasteful websites for the best nudes. Please enjoy.

Tasteful Websites for the Best Nudes

  • Founder: Christine Guggenberger
  • Year Founded: 2006
  • Country: Austria/Berlin
  • 1. C-heads Magazine

  • Founder: Steve Shaw
  • Year Founded: 2011
  • Country: USA
  • 2. Treats! Magazine

  • Founder: Josie Clough
  • Year Founded: 2012
  • Country: Australia
  • 3. It’s Now Cool

  • Founder: Mitch Tomlinson and Mitch Ross
  • Year Founded: 2013
  • Country: Australia
  • 4. Life Without Andy

  • Founder: Ainsley Hutchence
  • Year Founded: 2011
  • Country: Australia
  • 5. Sticks and Stones Mothership

    Another one that teeters between showing flesh and keeping it PG, but that’s not such a bad thing. Cute girls with lots of scope and the shoots have a flair for colour and playfulness. The site also showcases some cool streetwear, and there are some great, tasteful shots that don’t even have girls in them (I know right?!) that stand up on their own merit.

    6. Cake Magazine

  • Founder: Amanda Micallef & Billy Hawkins
  • Year Founded: 2014
  • Country: USA
  • 7. Arsenic

    Beauty, style, grace, class and tits. From the girl next door to high-street lingerie (removal), this site is tasteful nudes done right. The quality of the photos is phenomenal and the settings span from outdoors by the beach to the pokiest of NY-style lofts, all without losing focus on the capturing of well-planned and stylised shots of beautiful women. For interesting nude pics, stylistically, RektMag will keep you scintillated and entertained.

    8. RektMag

  • Founder: Brooke Mitchell-Olimpieri
  • Year Founded: 2008
  • Country: USA
  • 9. Filthy Mouth

  • Country: USA
  • 10. Implied Magazine

  • Founder: Dustin Hollywood
  • Year Founded: 2014
  • Country: USA
  • 11. Nakid Online

    Probably the sexiest Tumblr account on the web, We Are The People is a collection of photos, mostly naked, some not, that’ll have you quitting your day job and becoming a professional photographer before you can say ‘35 millimetre lens’. Stunning, naturally alluring women in relaxed, comfortable surroundings make for the best, most tasteful nude photos going around and this is one site that has managed to nail it. Tumblr is another social media-type website where you will find several high-quality options.

    12. We Are The People

    Year Founded: 2010
    Country: Australia

    13. Yume

    Rudimentary research says that four per cent of the interwebs is pornographic material, but well over ten per cent of searches on major search engines are for naughty pics and flicks. When you think about how big the WWW is, even a fraction of a percentage point is massive, so porn is still a HUGE business however you look at it. It’s one of the biggest entertainment businesses not only on the internet but on earth. But all of this begs the question, where can a man go to find tasteful nudes these days?

    The Problem with Porn

    What is the meaning of tasteful nude?

    As it pertains to adult females, tasteful nude photography implies nude or semi-nude pictures with aesthetic or artistic qualities. Often featuring high-end clothing and lavish backdrops, these photos present both the female form and the adjoining locale as works of art.

    Where can I find tasteful nude photography?

    Some of the best websites for tasteful nude photography of adult females are as follows: C-heads, Treats!, Life Without Andy, Cake, Arsenic, RektMag, Implied, and others. Most of these publications also feature top-notch articles.

    What is the best site for tasteful nude photography?

    The absolute best site for tasteful nude photography is subject to opinion. Some of our personal favourites are LIfe with Andy, Arsenic, Nakid Online, Yume, and others.

    Tasteful Nude Websites FAQ

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