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Docklands outdoor gym

10 Best Outdoor Gyms in Melbourne

Autumn weather gives you the perfect excuse to get outside and get active – and so does this list of the 10 best outdoor gyms in Melbourne. We’ve rounded up the top outdoor fitness stations in Melbourne to help you reach your fitness goals, without the hefty price tag. Add a few pull-ups to your Saturday morning coffee run, mix up your commute with a few sit-ups or clear your head during the day with a spin on the elliptical.

With no gym fees, no sterile white wall paint and high quality equipment to do a huge variety of your favourite (or not so favourite) exercises, what’s stopping you from making the most of these top-notch outdoor gyms in Melbourne?

1. Docklands Outdoor Gym, Inner Melbourne

Easily one of the most impressive and versatile outdoor gyms in Melbourne, Docklands’ fitness station will be sure to help you tone up and slim down. It was a joint venture between ASPECT studios and OCULUS designed for circuit training. It features all your favourite high bars and low bars as well as some more novel equipment such as battling ropes, ropes course, and more stable and multi-purpose steps and benches. The surrounding Docklands park also features a basketball court, bike and walking paths, a public barbecue and public toilets. There are plenty of daily group and bootcamp classes if you need a bit more motivation.
Address: Docklands Outdoor Gym, 888 Collins St, Docklands VIC 3008

2. Albert Park, Inner Melbourne

Albert Park is a popular locale for a 5km walk or jog around the picturesque lake. People also love to go sailing, paddle boating and golfing in the area, making it feel more like a getaway from Melbourne rather than a mere 3km hop and skip from the CBD. But unbeknownst to some, the park also has an outdoor gym with parallel bars, incline benches, pull up bars and other strengthening and stretching equipment.

Address: Albert Park, Victoria 3206

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3. Beauty Park Outdoor Gym, Frankston

Beauty Park connects to Frankston Waterfront via the George Pentland botanic gardens, cementing its position as one of the more scenic outdoor gyms in Melbourne. There are three outdoor fitness stations along the park’s perimeter track, making it easy to break up your walk with some stretching, rowing, cycling, pull ups, sit ups and more. There are also renowned Farmer’s Markets adjacent to the park on weekends, making it worth your while for a day out of the city.

Address: Beauty Park, Spring St, Frankston VIC 3199
Phone: 1300 322 842

4. Princes Park Outdoor Gym, Carlton North

To mix up your workout, be sure to check out the four fitness stations on the four corners of Princes Park. The first is ideal for warm up and cool down stretches; the second features a vault bar, sit up bench and push up bars; the third covers your chin up, step up and body curl needs; and the fourth is great for the more intense log hopping, bench dipping and bench curling to cap off your training session.

Address: 121 Princes Park Dr, Carlton North VIC 3054

5. Coburg Lake Reserve, Coburg

In amongst the scenic playground, barbecue and bike paths of Coburg Lake reserve lies one of the most comprehensive outdoor gyms in Melbourne. Visit the fitness station, which is located in front of the Newlands Road carpark, to take advantage of the rowing machine, static bike, cross trainer, ab-hip swinger, butterfly press, shoulder press, stair stepper and Ezy rider to strengthen your lower back. The park is a popular spot for picnics so why not work up an appetite with your girl then take her for a post-workout picnic next to the lake.

Address: Coburg North, VIC 3058

6. Como Park Outdoor Gym, South Yarra

For an outdoor workout closer to the CBD, it’s hard to go past Como Park. Amidst the bike path, playground, public toilets and grassy areas lie two fitness stations with chin up bars, a rowing machine, shoulder press, cross trainer and push up bars. So whether it’s leg day, time to bulk of those shoulders or just a great day for a run and a workout, be sure to check out Como Park.

Address:  Williams Rd, South Yarra VIC 3141

7. All Nations Park Outdoor Gym, Northcote

You won’t miss the bright orange fitness equipment at All Nations Park in Northcote, but your muscles might. Get creative with bars of all the heights and styles you could need, make the most of the stretch station and be sure not to miss the elliptical trainers, aerobic cycle, body twist, chest press and pull down machines. Soon your body will be standing out just as much as these high vis training machines.

Address: Separation St, Northcote VIC 3070
Phone: +61 3 8470 8888

8. Mayer Park, Thornbury

The Darebin Council wanted to add a little gem to the outdoor gyms in Melbourne to promote active recreation around Thornbury. In the north east corner of the park you will find a full suite of fitness equipment from sit up boards to aerobic cycle, chest press to body twist and pull up bars, dip bar and leg press.

Address: Thornbury, VIC 3071
Phone: +61 3 8470 8305

9. Citizens’ Park Outdoor Gym, Richmond

For a solid workout in the inner burbs of Melbourne, Citizens’ Park has all your strengthening and stretching needs covered. The dog-friendly park has a playground, oval, water bubbler and toilets plus an outdoor gym area with stainless steel bars of varying heights to get you twisting, pulling, pushing and panting.

Address: Richmond, VIC 312
Phone: +61 3 9205 5555

10. Eades Place Park, West Melbourne

Get the endorphins flowing and the vitamin D soaked up while making use of 6 different fitness components across two stations. Do your core strengthening exercises on the pull up bars, curl boards and push up bars, but then mix it up with some interesting equipment – challenge your balance on the swinging balance beam and test your grip strength on the monkey bars and rope course.

Address: 1 Chetwynd St, West Melbourne VIC 3003

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General FAQ

What are the best outdoor gyms in Melbourne?

Some of Melbourne's best outdoor gyms are Docklands, Albert Park, Beauty Park, Princes Park, Coburg Lake Reserve, and others.

Are there any outdoor gyms in the Melbourne CBD?

Both Albert Park and Como Park have outdoor gyms and are located relatively close to the Melbourne CBD.

Which outdoor gym in Melbourne has the best equipment?

If unique and quality outdoor gym equipment is what you're after, hit up Docklands, Albert Park, All Nations Park, Mayer Park, or Eades Place Park.