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fun ways for men to get fit

10 Fun Ways For Men to Get Fit

While the perks of working out are indisputably substantial, the act itself can get downright monotonous. Hence, making fitness fun becomes an important way to get involved and stay involved. Of course, there are only so many fun fitness routines out there that one can discover on his own. That’s where we come in. We’ve compiled a list of the best fun fitness regimens or activities we can find. With these methods at your disposal, you might actually find yourself looking forward to all that daily exercise. Here are 10 Fun Ways For Men to Get Fit.

train like a ninja warrior

1. Train Like a Ninja Warrior

From the popularity of hit TV series’ such as “Ninja Warrior” and “Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge”, has emerged a number of gyms replicating the obstacle courses featured on these shows. Even if you’re not hoping to qualify for the series, hitting these gyms will keep the adrenaline factor high and the regimen varied while giving you an ample full body workout. It’s like your inner child came out and designed an exercise routine just for you. In other words, fitness fun lives here!!!

2. Take a Free Diving Course

Free diving involves exploring an underwater terrain without any scuba gear. As such, it provides an intense workout while putting you in touch with all sorts of incredible marine life. The activity can also reduce stress, improve concentration, build muscles, strengthen your lungs and relieve joint pain. If you live close to the sea, you have no excuse not to get in on this fitness fun. The memories alone will be something to cherish forever, and the underwater swimming skills will guarantee a great time on all future vacations.

live streaming classes

3. Live Streaming Classes

Sometimes, the real drag of working out is having to walk or drive to the nearest gym. Not anymore. Thanks to the Internet, you can get all the benefits of a live exercise class without even leaving the home. There are definitely some high quality (and high definition) options out there to choose from. Find the live streaming class that suits you and get all the fun fitness action, minus the inconvenience.

4. Boxing

As any adult male can tell you, fitness is always more intense when there’s even a semblance of competition involved. If you like all the fun of sparring, but hate the idea of being arrested on assault charges, then sign up for a boxing course instead. The hard-hitting workout will keep your muscles ripped and your reflexes spry to say the least. Just be sure to rock the proper equipment should you decide to get in the ring, lest your mental sharpness become mental dullness after your opponent lands a few upper cuts.

kick boxing

5. Kickboxing

Between the aerobics, full body strength training, cardio fitness and honing of reflexes, a solid kickboxing lesson can duly whip you into shape. Not only that, but you’ll learn how to defend yourself in the process. The result is a stronger, quicker and better you. Plus, you’ll have limitless excuses to imitate old Jean-Claude Van Damme movies. Who can argue with that?

6. Jiu-Jitsu

As any UFC lover can tell you, jiu-jutsu is truly where it’s at right now. The benefits of learning the martial arts form are virtually endless. Needless to say, should you stick with the program you’ll come out with more muscles, more skills, more reflexes, better patience and a heightened sense of awareness in regards to just about everything. This is both the present and future of martial arts. Get on board.

bouldering on the go

7. Bouldering

You don’t have to climb the nearest rocky summit to get your bouldering on. The fun fitness activity has take the world by storm, and most (if not all) gyms are on top of the trend. Accordingly, bouldering is a terrific way to challenge yourself while fortifying your mental and physical health. We’re not just talking upper arm strength, but leg strength, torso strength and cardio as well. And if you think it looks easy, then you’ve never tried it.

8. Charity Fitness Challenge

Odds are you have at least a few friends who ran in a marathon, fun run, obstacle course or other charity event. And odds are they didn’t stop talking about it for months. That’s because training for these events–and then completing them–is an intensely rewarding experience. Not only do you push yourself to the limits, but you raise either money or awareness (or both) for a great cause. That’s not to mention that joining a charity fitness challenge puts you in touch with a broader community of like-minded individuals. You could end up walking away with an entirely new group of friends and fitness partners. That’s in no small part what fun fitness is all about.

dna based fitness

9. DNA-Based Fitness

Since no two humans are exactly alike, it was perhaps just a matter of time before some genius figured out that specific fitness or diet routines will benefit certain people over others. Taking that concept to a brilliant extreme is DNA-based fitness, where scientists swab you for DNA and recommend specific regimens that your body will respond to. While it might sound like the stuff of illusion at first, many people are swearing by the concept, which makes sense when you think about it. Start optimising by getting your DNA analysed today. Plus, doesn’t it sound fun?

10. Recovery Fitness

Recovering from an injury can make going to the gym more a burden than a chore. If you are indeed trying to regain body strength in the wake of an injury, you’re better off exploring recovery fitness. Similar (but not equal) to physical training, recovery fitness offers a series of advanced exercise routines that will help you rebuild strength without torturing you in the process. Picture lots of guided water-based exercises or chair exercises and you’re getting there.

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