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14 Best Ramen Restaurants in Brisbane | Man of Many

Kicking off our list, Motto Motto (meaning ‘more more’ in Japanese) is focused on giving you the best feeds with the best ingredients. Offering three twists on the ramen experience you can find classic, black garlic and red spicy broths here to douse your ramen cravings. All of which are topped with only the finest cuts of pork belly.

1. Motto Motto Japanese Kitchen

Genkotsu Ramen is a little slice of Japan. Sticking to traditional prep methods, here they guarantee the broths are all slowly built up over a 12 hour process to give you the best flavour possible.  With shops in both Toowong and Runcorn it shouldn’t be too hard to find a little taste of an authentic Japanese flavour. Definitely one of Brisbane’s ramen highlights.

2. Genkotsu Ramen

Ramen Danbo is an international success story. Starting off with one shop in Chikushino, and quickly becoming a Japan-wide favourite there are now 35 Danbo’s worldwide. Success like that comes entirely based upon the deliciousness of the ramen they serve up. There’s no way they’d have spread so far without leaving thousands of happy customers behind.

3. Ramen Danbo

Beppin Ramen and Cake have all the reasons to head listed right in the name. Where else will you find 13 different ramens alongside an mouth watering selection of sweet treats? The only problem you’ll find here is keeping enough room in your tum for desert.

4. Beppin Ramen and Cake

Don’t be fooled by Ikkairo Ramen’s tiny size, they  punch well above their weight on the taste side of things. Switching things up by offering a prawn broth alongside the traditional pork bone Tonkatsu broth allows for  flavours you won’t find everywhere.

5. Ikkairo Ramen

Taro’s Ramen has carved out a spot for itself in the heart of all Brisbanites. Ask anyone what their favourite joint in Brisbane is and it’s a 50/50 between Taro’s and anywhere else. The reputation is well deserved as Taro’s is a guaranteed good time in a bowl.

6. Taro’s Ramen

Men Ya Go is for When Ya Go and get some of Brisbane’s best ramen to slurp down. Here you’ll find an absolute smorgasbord of types, as well as the ability to customise or create your own with your favourite toppings. There’s enough possibility in their well managed menu to ensure you can get a new ramen feed every day of the week.

7. Men Ya Go

Hai Hai eschew complete traditional ramen methodology in the hopes of bringing ramen virgins into the soupy fold. They’ve let their creativity run wild and created a series of meals you won’t find anywhere else in the hopes of breaking down anti-ramen barriers everywhere. Topping this list is one of the best vegan ramens in Brisbane.

8. Hai Hai

Okuman Karaage don’t over-complicate their offerings. Damn good ramen at an affordable price is what they do. If you want chicken or gyoza alongside they’ll happily deep fry it in deliciousness to live up to Karaage side of their name.

9. Okuman Karaage & Ramen Bar

Cheeky Poke Bar live up to the name by having the absolute audacity to do more than solid ramen alongside their excellent poke bowls. There’s a total of 5 Cheeky Poke Bar’s in Brisbane so you’re never going to find yourself to far from a good time.

10. Cheeky Poke Bar

Having the complete gamut of Japanese deliciousness on display, the menu at Ramen Ye will be sure to contain something to quell your hunger. They double down on guaranteeing you get fed by offering a free top up of noodles if you’re finding yourself overwhelmed with soup.

11. Ramen Ye Japanese Restaurant

In a gloriously weird moment, you’ll find WAGAYA right in the middle of Brisbane’s Chinatown. Why? We don’t ask questions. Moving beyond that they offer a surprisngly fun tech experience as you order. Everything is done through touchscreens at the table, so you’ll never have an order forgotten on you again!


Hakataya Ramen have a whole host of ramen joints all across Brisbane for you to hit up. They’ve managed this by offering good, cheap feeds wherever you find the Hakataya name. They’re also the only ramen place we’ve seen to boast that they’ll give you free ramen on your birthday. The perfect way to dip your toes in their water.

13. Hakataya Ramen

Put your concerns aside, Nom Nom Korean have earnt their place on this list by making an absolutely belting ramen., They don’t have as many options as some of the other places on this list, but they’re definitely packing ramen-y goodness into you if you’ll let them.

14. Nom Nom Korean

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