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12 Best Tattoo Shops and Artists in Adelaide | Man of Many

At Art N Soul, their artists are on a mission in providing you with the tattoo you deserve. Their impeccable attention to detail and their dedication to the craft will ensure your tattoo, cover-up, or touch-up will come out absolutely perfect. Colin and Liz are the true MVPs at Art N Soul and uphold the highest quality service for every tattoo.

1. Art N Soul

Bold colours, the flawless blend of black and grey, and eccentric designs all perfectly describe the beautiful tattoos provided by Unseen Tattoo. If you’re looking for artists with a range, then you’ll definitely have to book your next tattoo here with their specialities in American and Japanese tradition and realism.

2. Unseen Tattoo

Ink Haus Creative Studios values the ideas and personal touches their clients want for their designs. While all their artists are highly trained in various styles, your voice and opinion will definitely be heard here. They have some impressive artists in their midst, but Aleshia Gannon is one to look out for when booking your next appointment.

3. Ink Haus Creative Studios

A friendly, comfortable, and creative atmosphere is what you can expect when you walk through the doors of Black Diamond Tattoo. As one of the best tattoo shops in Adelaide, the artists here are on a mission for you to have the finest experience. Whether you want a brand-new design or you want a cover-up, they can do it all! Be sure to check out their artwork feature wall, which displays all of their newest and most illustrative designs.

4. Black Diamond Tattoo

House of Daggers Tattoo Collective has some of the best tattoo artists in Adelaide who are dedicated to providing you with a calm and peaceful atmosphere while they work on your design.

5. House of Daggers Tattoo Collective

If you’re looking for a little self-indulgence while getting your tattoo, your next appointment should be made at Day One Tattoo. This modern and clean studio is one of the best tattoo shops in Adelaide as their artists are committed to providing you with the tattoo of your dreams. From Netflix to choose from a selection of beverage options, your experience at Day One Tattoo will be unmatched.

6. Day One Tattoo

The Paper Moon Arts Collective is a female-owned shop that prides itself in its ability to truly capture the ideas and visions of its clients. Their artists are some of the best in South Australia as they are experienced in a wide range of styles, guaranteeing that you will receive the tattoo you’re after.

7. The Paper Moon Arts Collective

Much like Black Diamond Tattoo, Progression Tattoo & Laser uses movies and music to distract you and create a friendly and safe atmosphere that is perfect for every client. With their six artists, you’re sure to find the design and style that encaptures precisely what you’re looking for.

8. Progression Tattoo & Laser

Wolf & Wren Tattoo Collective is a trendy indie tattoo parlour that will provide you with cool designs that reflect who you are. Their love for uniqueness is showcased through their varied styling preferences. They believe that tattoos act as a conduit for personal expression.

9. Wolf & Wren Tattoo Collective

As one of the oldest tattoo parlours in South Australia, Adelaide’s Ink Wizards Tattoo Studio has been operating for 23 years straight and has picked up a few awards along the way. They’re renowned for their dedication to their clients and their love for the art and craft of tattooing. Whatever you’re looking for, you can be assured that their artists will look after you!

10. Adelaide’s Ink Wizards Tattoo Studio

1891 Original Tattoo Co. is another one of Adelaide’s private tattoo shops that aim to give you a safe, calm, and clean atmosphere whilst also listening to your every tattoo need. Whether you have an inspiration pick or a vision in your head, their artists will come up with the perfect tattoo that reflects what you want.

11. 1891 Original Tattoo Co.

Award-winning, highly professional and experienced doesn’t begin to describe Krimson Ink. Unlike some tattoo shops, this studio will provide you with any tattoo style you could imagine, from traditional, illustrative, to black and white realism, they really have it all. You can even bring your own design and they’ll stick to your wishes!

12. Krimson Ink

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