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8 Best Pre-owned & Vintage Watch Stores in Melbourne | Man of Many

Not just a watch store, Swiss Emporium offers a diverse collection of luxury pre-owned watches and a carefully selected modern range as well. The team at Swiss are experts in their craft and will help you through the watch buying experience. They also offer selling, trading and consigning services to help you with your watch collection. If you’re not quite sure what you’re after, this is a good place to start!

1. Swiss Emporium

A premium source of second-hand watches and jewellery, David East has over 65 years of experience in the craft. David East has long been regarded as Melbourne’s most highly recognised watch repairer. All watch repairs include restoration, polishing and replating. This means that at David East you are guaranteed to find premium vintage watches that have been restored to the very best quality.

2. David East Jewellers and Watch Repairers

Specialising in repairing and reselling pre-owned watches, A Watch in Time has a strong online presence which makes it a trusted, accessible option for those looking for quality pre-owned and vintage watches. The team here have been trading for over 25 years, earning a reputation as one of the leading watch resellers in Australia. A Watch in Time is a member of the ‘Watch & Clockmakers of Australia’, so you’ll be sure to find something rare and exclusive.

3. A Watch in Time

University dropout turn watch extraordinaire, Michael Chylinski has grown a flourishing watch business that is much-loved around Melbourne and the rest of Australia. The store specialises in expert case re-finishing on various watch brands such as Cartier and Panerai. You know this store can be trusted- Chylinski was used exclusively for several years by the majority of Melbourne’s second-hand watch trade, refinishing hundreds of watches to perfection. Quality beyond compare, the Watch Collector Co. is one of the best watch stores in Melbourne.

4. Watch Collector Co.

A proudly family-owned business since 1988, The Watch Culture has a stunning, vast array of pre-owned luxury watches. Their collection of watches are hand-selected by an expert team, ensuring authenticity and high quality. Their collections are not only great at first glance, but the staff’s knowledge of watches and watchmaking skills boost it to new heights. The team at The Watch Culture also provide professional servicing and repairs.

5. The Watch Culture

With a passion for vintage and collectable timepieces, the European Watch Gallery is highly regarded as one of the best dealers in high-grade timepieces in Australia. Located in the heart of the Melbourne CBD, it’s easy to find and their collection of watches and their service is second to none. Growing from small roots in Melbourne, the store now trades globally.

6. European Watch Gallery

The Watch Gallery offers the finest pre-loved timepieces on offer, from the most iconic and highest quality brands. Whilst prices here are competitive, it’s worth it for the original condition that the watches come. You can purchase these watches in Australia and worldwide. So, if you’re on the hunt for the watch your grandpa used to wear that you’ve always dreamt about, a look at what’s on offer at the Watch Gallery is your best bet.

7. The Watch Gallery

The team at Watch Time specialise in high grade, modern, vintage and pre-owned watches. Better yet, their main selling point is through their online store, so you don’t even have to move off your couch to get your hands on a fine, vintage watch. In addition to vintage and pre-owned watches, they also buy and sell all sorts of vintage jewellery. If you prefer to look at watches in the flesh, their showroom is located in the middle of the Melbourne CBD.


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