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How to See a Therapist: A Complete Guide | Man of Many

The mental health expert has seen the implications of extended lockdowns first-hand. Working with a number of Australians to boost their mental health, Dr Collison is one of many psychologists and therapists helping to alleviate stress amongst the sea of vulnerable people. It’s a largely thankless job, but the role of allied health professionals during times of crisis is pivotal and getting the dialogue started is the first step in a long journey.

Mental Health at a Glance

For those looking to go to therapy for the first time, the process can seem daunting. The idea of big leather couches, the disgruntled older gentlemen posing challenging questions and the inner monologue wreaking havoc conjure a less-than-inviting image, but the reality is far different. Seeking therapy starts in a much more familiar place, at the doctor’s.

What is a Mental Health Treatment Plan?

Unusual circumstances call for unprecedented innovation and even the world of mental health treatment adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic. With restricted travel, increased demand and far fewer people keen on face-to-face treatment, a great number of psychologists moved to telehealth during the pandemic. Telehealth sessions via video platforms like Zoom or Coviu offer a similar experience as being in the room with another person and more importantly, ensured that people had access to mental health care during lockdowns and restrictions.

Using Telehealth

Equally as important to seeking help, is seeking the right help. When it comes to selecting a therapist, there are a few things to consider, but there’s no need to feel overwhelmed. Dr Collison says this step is all about being in tune with yourself. Here are his tips on how to choose a therapist or mental health professional:

How to Choose a Therapist

While the rapid increase in demand for psychologists and therapists during lockdown was a sign of the times, it also led to a change in values. Previously, therapy was seen as only for those who needed treatment for a mental illness. Now, Australians are beginning to understand that just like you get regular checkups for your physical health, therapy can be a way to boost and maintain your mental health.

Who Can See a Therapist?

If you are considering seeing a therapist for the first time, the process may be intimidating, but Dr Collison confirms it’s actually “incredibly easy”. More important, it’s necessary.

How to See a Therapist (Step by Step)

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