Back to the ’90s: Sony Launches Gold-Plated Walkman

Simply put, there are a bunch of letters in this name. The Sony NW-WM1ZM2 walkman is hitting the market, but don’t let the alphabet soup approach to naming scare you away from this sharp-looking piece of audio equipment. Take one look at the gold-plated signature series Walkman and you’ll start to get an idea of the solid gold audio quality that this beast boasts.

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Sony nw wm1zm2 walkman

Image: Sony

The gold look of the new Walkman comes thanks to the gold-plated Oxygen-Free Copper chassis. This material was used for more than just its looks. It also offers stronger digital ground. In addition to the OFC chassis, the Walkman is equipped with S-Master HX digital amp technology. Kimber Kable lends their expertise to create a balanced headphone jack. Topping off the sound quality is the DSD Remastering Engine, DSEE Ultimate with Edge AI, 360 Reality Audio, and a DC Phase Linearizer. And for those that love the warmth of vinyl, there’s also a Vinyl Processor to add that character to your music choices.

What you get from this Walkman is crisp, clear, and lifelike sound. The Walkman also comes with a large 5-inch HD touchscreen so you can navigate your libraries more easily. And speaking of libraries, you’ll have plenty of space to store them thanks to the 256GB of storage. You can also use the microSD card option as well, or just go with WiFi and Android 11 for direct downloading. Libraries stored on a computer? No problem. The Walkman has a USB Type-C port for connection and charging. The Walkman also features an extended battery life.

The Sony NW-WM1ZM2 Walkman has no shortage of letters to its name, but it also has no shortage of features that audiophiles are going to love. In fact, you could say that this new Walkman will be the new gold standard—and not just because of its color.

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1 sony nw wm1zm2 walkman

Image: Sony

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