Boa CEO, Daniel Hakim and lead investor, Mark Bouris

What is Boa? Australia’s New Business Social Media Platform

Putting finance over filters, a new business-focused social media platform has just launched in Australia. Backed by commerce king Mark Bouris, Boa aims to offer opportunities to all entrepreneurs by ‘democratising the ability to leverage a powerful network’. If you exactly don’t know what that means, we break it all down for you below.

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'Boa' Australia’s First Social Media Platform for Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

Boa CEO, Daniel Hakim and lead investor, Mark Bouris | Image: Boa

What is Boa?

Established by the team behind Australia’s members-only Club of United Business (CUB), Boa describes itself as bringing together the ‘best aspects o Twitter, Reddit and LinkedIn to form a powerful media and networking platform for business owners and e

Discussing the app’s point of difference, Boa CEO, Daniel Hakim said, “The existing major platforms are too broad and noisy to be truly effective resources for business owners, so they are used primarily as marketing and recruitment tools. Business owners need a place to discuss the things that matter to them with those who understand them.”

'Boa' Australia’s First Social Media Platform for Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

Image: Boa

How Does Boa Work?

Boa is designed to be a ‘one-stop shop’ digital solution for business networking. It features topic-based sub-communities, a news section, and meeting request functionality. Users can follow specific community threads, such as startups or capital raising, and they’ll also be able to connect with industry leaders to seek out advice, ask questions or even collaborate.

“Our goal was to create a platform that is accessible and valuable to all business owners, whether you are a startup or a unicorn company, you will find what you need on Boa,” Hakim said.

Finder Co-Founder, Jeremy Cabral and Boa CEO Daniel Hakim

Finder Co-Founder, Jeremy Cabral and Boa CEO Daniel Hakim | Image: CEO

Boa has been funded by some of Australia’s business big dogs such as popular podcast host and Yellow Brick Road Executive Chairman, Mark Bouris alongside founding users TRG CEO, Gavin Rubinstein, Finder Co-founder & COO, Jeremy Cabral and Equalution Co-Founder, Amal Wakim.

Bouris explained that the platform will give all Aussies business owners access to what only a few have ever had in the past. “I think there’s so many people who have a great idea, great skills, and a great product but they don’t have the confidence,” the lead investor said. “Australian business owners have always been standoff-ish and never really ask for much. Now’s their chance to take control, stand tall and be confident and tell the world what they have.”

Boa is free to use, however, you must be an ABN holder or company director to gain access. Like other major platforms, there’s also a premium version that includes additional features such as account verification, boosted posts, the ability to create communities and events and improved messaging features.

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