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Cleo Dronut X1: World-First Bi-Rotor Drone That is Tiny

You’re used to seeing drones with exposed rotors—a tried and tested design that works because it produces stable flight. Cleo Robotics has a novel design for their latest drone, and it doesn’t include exposed rotors. Instead, the Dronut X1’s design resembles—well, a donut, in that the rotor is in the middle of the drone. That design means this drone can fly much closer to people and objects without causing any harm.

Cleo dronut x1 controller

Image: Cleo

The Dronut’s centred rotors work via counter-rotating propellers that are stacked atop each other. Those rotors are then enclosed in the device to help promote stability. Then, using a patented thrust vectoring technology, the drone not only stays in flight but is able to maneuver without colliding into obstacles. Not only does its design allow for safer flights, it also allows the Dronut to take off from your hand.

The drone measures just 6.5 inches by 4 inches, and weighs less than a pound. In other words, this is a much smaller drone than many of the others on the market. It has a 12 minute flight time and can fly up to 13 feet per second. It’s also made of rugged carbon fibre composite materials, so in the case of it crashing or colliding, it will survive just fine. The Dronut comes with a 4K camera, a 3D LiDAR sensor, and a Global shutter camera. It’s also equipped with LED headlights for low-light conditions.

Cleo dronut x1 black

Image: Cleo

“The Dronut X1 is the first drone in the world that’s based on ducted-fan drone technology that performs as well as a quadcopter drone in terms of maneuverability, but exceeds the performance of quadcopters in terms of flight time and the ability to bump into things, especially in its current form factor,” says Omar Eleryan, the Founder and CEO of Cleo Robotics. You can test the Dronut out for yourself with the investment of $9,800.

Check it out

Cleo dronut x1 1

Image: Cleo

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