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Invoxia smart dog collar

Invoxia’s Smart Collar is Like a Fitbit for Your Dog

You share everything with your best friend—well, almost everything. Your dog has his own food bowl, after all. But pretty much everything else is fair game. So why not share your smartwatch with your four-legged buddy? Now, before you go looking for an extra-long band for your watch, take a moment to check out Invoxia’s Smart Dog Collar. At CES 2022, Invoxia showed off a smart collar that not only has a GPS tracker in it, but also tracks your dog’s activity and monitors his vital signs.

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Image: Invoxia

While other fitness trackers for dogs rely on accelerometers and GPS sensors, Invoxia took a different approach. Respiratory and heart rates are monitored using an artificial intelligence developed with board-certified veterinary cardiologists. The AI uses data procured via miniaturized radar sensors (think the Soli radar used by Google in their Pixel 4 phones). Invoxia CEO Amelie Caudron explains it like this:

“There’s a radar that faces the neck and sends a radio signal, and that signal will not be reflected by the hair. So it doesn’t matter how much fur or hair there it, it’ll be reflected by the first layer of skin. So the radar will actually be able to know the speed and movement right under the collar.”

The tracked movements are fed into an algorithm that measures heart and respiratory rates. Using the radar approach also makes for a more comfortable fit as the collar doesn’t have to fit tight against the skin like your smartwatch does.

Currently, the Invoxia colour is only for medium to large dogs. It has a removable fabric cover to make it easy to clean. The collar is estimated to cost $99, and will come with an additional monthly subscription of $12.99 to access the GPS features. The collar will be available in the summer of 2022. If you want to keep track of your dog’s health and location, or if he’s just jealous that you have a cool smartwatch and he has an old collar, then you’ll want to check out the Invoxia Smart Collar.

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