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9 Most Expensive Apps on the App Store

As if to challenge digital convenience at its very core, the app store’s most expensive apps promise exclusive perks at a premium price. Whether or not they deliver on that promise is a question only their customers can decide, since we’d rather save our money. You probably would too, but that doesn’t mean you’re not curious. After all, the mere concept of apps that cost money—actual money—is so exotic and outlandish that it must be seen to be believed. We thus proudly present the most expensive apps on the app store.

CyberTuner App

1. CyberTuner App

Price: $1,299.99

Reyburn Piano Services Inc. purportedly ranks among the foremost names in digital piano tuning and their expensive app is years in the making. Exclusive to the iOS app store, it caters to all the professional tuners out there who already know the basics and have their own equipment. Should you be one of those people, you’ll gain access to an intuitive programming layout that was designed by a registered piano technician. Support is just an email or phone call away and it better be, given the US$1399 price tag. And that doesn’t even include the additional cost of upgrades. If you’ve ever asked what the most expensive app in the world is, here’s your answer.


2. Verituner App

Price: $599

If CyberTuner’s outrageous buy-in is a little too rich for your taste, consider Verituner and its slightly less outrageous (but still completely outrageous) price of US$599.99 instead. This is likewise an advanced piano tuner app intended for professional technicians and available solely through the iOS app store. Features include aural quality tunings, pitch raises, access to some of the best known historical temperaments, adjustable stretch, AutoNote, and more. Sure, you can try tuning your piano on your accord, or you can let technology step in for a premium.


3. DDS GP App

Price: $399.99

While the DDS GP app markets itself as the “best chair side case presentation software/app” your dentist can find, we’d probably still prefer that he or she use something a little more professional when showing us our teeth. If you’d prefer otherwise, then by all means, pitch this somewhat dormant (and wildly expensive) app to your local DDS and see how he or she responds. Just be sure to remind him or her that it will cost US$399.99 to download.

App Cash

4. app.Cash

Price: $399

Not to be confused with the somewhat ubiquitous Cash App, app.Cash is neither popular nor free. It’s also not intended for peer-to-peer transactions or even casual consumer purchases. Instead, it’s a cashier system similar to the one used in most modern-day restaurants, which theoretically sounds like a good idea. What sounds like less of a good idea is the US$399 price tag, hence the total lack of reviews over on the iOS store.

iVIP Black App Screenshots

5. iVIP Black App

Price: AUD$384.99

True to both its name and outrageous price tag, iVIP Black rolls out the red carpet at a full slate of partner venues. Also known as ‘The Millionaire’s App,’ it delivers complimentary room upgrades, priority restaurant reservations, direct access to concierge services, free amenities, and party invitations. It also allows you to book private yachts, private jets, and private islands, because you are, after all, a multi-millionaire. Get this swanky app exclusively through the iOS app store, or better yet, don’t.

Classic TC with WordPower App

6. Classic TC with WordPower App

Price: $299

Do you or someone you know find it difficult to speak in your natural voice? Then this expensive iOS app might be just the thing you need. Aimed at individuals with Autism, ALS, or any other condition that might affect one’s ability to use natural speech, the assisted technology app allows you to speak using a built-in voice synthesizer or recorded message. If Stephen Hawking were still alive, he might have come around to using this expensive app, presuming he didn’t scoff at the US$299.99 price tag.

The Most Expensive Widget

7. The Most Expensive Widget

Price: $299

Sure you have widgets, but do you have the most expensive widget? One that reads “beautiful and impressive widget here?” If that sounds up your alley, head on over to Google Play to drop $284.99 on this exclusive app. Sure, everyone you know (and plenty of people you don’t know) will snicker and make fun of you both to your face and behind your back. But maybe they’re just jealous. No…wait. It’s because you dropped nearly $300 on a widget. We’d make fun of you for that, too.

Boffo Fun Time Game Pax 2

9. Boffo Fun Time Game Pax 2

Price: $299

“How can you charge US$299 for a game?” the most expensive game app that we’ve ever seen asks itself. The answer, it would seem, is to bundle a bunch of games—including Boingg, Clown bop, Wormz, Zooblz, and Beez and Bubbles—together in one place. In other words, there is no good answer. Our favourite part is that this iOS app cost way (way, way) less when it first debuted, meaning somebody behind the scenes got either totally greedy or totally apathetic. No matter what the motivations, the result is one resoundingly overpriced app.

Zollingers Surgery Atlas App

9. Zollinger’s Surgery Atlas App

Price: $119.99

While paying $119.99 for a surgery atlas app might sound unreasonable, just think of all the money you’ll save in hospital visits! Indeed, with the 10th edition of this app at your disposal, you can dissect your own body and then stitch it back up just like the pros do. To be clear: we do not advocate the use of this app for surgical procedures at home. Heck, we don’t advocate the use of this app for anything.

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