Samsung’s “The Frame” TV is Art for Your Living Room

TVs have never really been a stylish home décor product—that is, until now. Samsung The Frame is a LED television that was first unveiled at this year’s CES. Designed by well-known product designer Yves Behar, The Frame is made to look like a piece of art hanging on the wall.

beautiful design samsung frame

The Frame has a new bezel that looks like a picture frame. It displays digital art from its library of images. There are currently more than 100 art pieces to choose from, including architecture, landscape and wildlife. All of the art images come free with The Frame TV. You can even display your photos if you want to.

A sensor on The Frame detects ambient light levels and can adjust the image’s brightness depending on the room’s lighting. This ensures that The Frame looks like art hanging on your wall. Another innovative feature is a unique motion sensor that turns on the display when someone enters the room. It powers the unit down when the room is unoccupied.

 samsung tv frame in the wall

The Frame TV features a thin profile and is encased in either wood, white or black veneer. It uses Samsung’s new Invisible Connection Cable to allow for a seamless, clean look. This cable helps The Frame looks like a true work of art.

No longer a concept, Samsung plans to release The Frame TV for sale within the next couple of months. So, if you are looking for a way to make your living room a lot more awesome—you are in luck.

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people showing various design samsung tv frame

kavi fact ory image

 samsung tv frame side view

 samsung tv frame front side view

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