Samsung Introduces the Galaxy Note 9

If you’re one among the many Samsung loyalists who felt that the Galaxy Note 8 smartphone was pretty brilliant in its own right, but nevertheless in need of a few tweaks, consider the Note 9 an answer to at least some of your prayers. Indeed, Samsung’s latest sticks close to its predecessor in terms of design and usability, before distinguishing itself by way of a few key differences. Namely, the battery is longer-lasting, the phone itself is marginally bigger, the rear camera is a little better, the storage capacity goes higher, and the S Pen is more optimal than ever before. The result is an extraordinary smartphone that’s now slightly more extraordinary. Like we said: some of your prayers have been answered.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with S Pen

Under the skin on the Note 9 is a new 4,000Ah battery, the largest ever to be found in a Galaxy flagship phone. According to Samsung, that’s enough power to get you through an entire day of work and play without needing a boost. Joining the phone is a new S Pen, allowing seamless control over apps and functions. Also featured is an improved camera set-up, which comes bolstered by deep-learning technology. Meanwhile, the device runs on Android 8.1, and offers either 128GB or 512GB of storage.

samsung galaxy note 9 with s pen back

Aside from the aforementioned differences, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is strikingly similar to the Note 8, especially in terms of physical design. In fact, the two devices differ in size to the tune of a mere 0.1″. Of course, when something isn’t broken, there’s no need to fix it. To that end, who would argue with mainstays like the stunning AMOLED display, the sleek and sturdy body, the advanced security features, or the slew of functions? Samsung’s latest brings all that and more. Look for it to land (in a variety of colours) in Australia on the 24th of August.

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samsung galaxy note 9

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samsung galaxy note 9 smartphones

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samsung galaxy note 9 with touch pen

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samsung galaxy note 9 with s pen

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