Pixel Perfect: Samsung’s 8K TV is Here

…And while we’re still getting used to the idea of 4K, Samsung goes and announces a new QLED TV that’s capable of upscaling content to 8K. The new Q900R TV comes in four ultra-large sizes ranging from 65” to 85” and will be available from the end of September 2018.

Samsung says its QLED TV can produce 8K-quality images through features like the Real 8K Resolution that’s capable of 4,000 nit peak brightness. This allows the TV to generate four times more pixels than a 4K UHD TV and 16 times more pixels than a full HD TV. It’s apparently on par with the picture quality offered by most film studios.

Whether you’re streaming content or connected via HDMI, USB or mirroring a phone, the TV’s Quantum Processor 8K recognises and upscales the content to appear in 8K quality. That is regardless of the source material’s original quality. Q900R also features something called Direct Full Array Elite which offers enhanced contrast and precise backlighting control, and also 100% Colour Volume.

samsung qled 8k tv display

“We are always striving to develop the next innovation that enhances the home cinema experience for Australians,” says Hass Mahdi, Head of Audio Visual, Samsung Electronics Australia.

“This is why we have not only developed 8K display technology, but also provide upscale features in order to support a beautiful and refined experience for all forms of content resolution across the latest TVs from Samsung.”

Beyond its impressive 8K picture quality, the Q900R TV combines the optical cable and power supply into one seamless cord, giving you more freedom to decide where and how to place the TV. Users can also make use of SmartThings, and Samsung’s Universal Guide for personalised recommendations regarding content.

There’s currently no word on local pricing, so keep an eye glued to that regular old 4K, UHD or HD monitor for updates.

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