Samsung’s The Wall Home TV is Built to Impress

It’s hard to decide what’s more impressive of Samsung’s The Wall Home TV. To start, The Wall uses LED modules that look like tiles. The modular set up allows consumers to make The Wall basically any size and almost any configuration—you won’t be limited to just rectangles.

At CES 2018, Samsung created a 146-inch screen that measured over 10 feet wide and nearly six feet tall. In 2019, Samsung went big with a 219 inch screen. Using microLED technology, the micrometer-sized LEDs in the tiles work together to produce the images, whether as a whole or as individual parts.

Samsung The Wall Home TV

Then there’s the pure black base with ultra-low light reflection that The Wall uses for better contrast and detail. Samsung claims that The Wall is capable of producing HDR10+ images with a wider colour gamut and colour purity two times that of any competing LED TV. Even in the 75-inch version, dubbed The Window, the TV is capable of 4K resolution. The TV can also support more than just the traditional 16:9 aspect ratio.

The Wall has been limited to just commercial settings, mainly because of the size, but also, no doubt, because of the price. And that makes sense. The Wall would look fantastic in a lobby or reception area—and in your living room for the next big game.

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