The Samsung 75-inch MicroLED TV Might Just Be Coming to your Living Room

You know you’re in for something pretty amazing when Samsung talks about shrinking down a TV to 75 inches. Samsung’s new 75-inch MicroLED TV is the latest in TV display technology and was recently shown at CES. The 75-inch version is the smallest iteration so far to still have 4K resolution, which gives hope of this new display someday being available in your home.

Until recently, the screen was only built in larger versions—like what you would see in a theatre.

MicroLED uses individual LEDs that are, yep, “micro” in size. These panels of LEDs promise to have the same picture quality as OLED.

What may be even more exciting about MicroLED is that it is modular, which means that you can create screens in just about any size and configuration. Samsung already showed off The Wall, a 146-inch version. It’s that same modular set up that allows for the 75-inch version. Being modular, you might have concerns about seams, but all reports indicate that the seams are invisible.

Samsung MicroLED modular

Samsung hasn’t released pricing on the system, but it has announced its intention to make it available to consumers. With the option of having a 6 foot TV in your living room for your favourite movies, sports, or games, news of the release of the MicroLED TV will be much anticipated.

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