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14 Tasteful Websites for the Best Nude Photography

If you want to stop wasting your time with boring online skin flicks, it’s time to up your game and visit the best nude sites on the internet. Forgoing the regular run-of-the-mill storylines and scenarios, the top website for tasteful nudes bring a sense of class and decorum to an otherwise seedy situation. But all of this begs the question, where can a man go to find tasteful nudes these days?

Tasteful Websites for the Best Nudes

The celebration of tasteful nudes goes far deeper than a dodgy hotel room and we’re here to take the moral high ground and show you how. This is the definitive collection of the tastiest and best nudes on the web. Littered with sites that eschew tack and tawdry crassness in favour of tasteful snaps of beautiful women and men who deserve a day in the sun to show us what their mamma gave them, without compromising artistic merit and class. It’s a conglomeration of the most stylish nudes from around the internet. Presenting our list of tasteful websites for the best nudes. Please enjoy.

Woman in bralette and high-waist panties sitting on a bed
C-heads Magazine | Image: Supplied

1. C-heads Magazine

  • Founder: Christine Guggenberger
  • Year Founded: 2006
  • Country: Austria/Berlin

It’s a little bit artsy meets a little bit quirky with a sprinkling of the best nudes on the internet. C-heads is the modern sensitive thinking man’s place to ogle at classy nude photos of the fairer sex; for the kind of guy who looks at a girl and says to himself “I’d take her for a lentil burger and WhatsApp her the very next day”. It’s not all skin pics and the models’ interviews are actually pretty well pitched. No really, we only read it for the articles. Seriously, we do!

Rachel Cook in red bikini climbing ladder out of sea
Treats! Magazine | Image: Supplied

2. Treats! Magazine

  • Founder: Steve Shaw
  • Year Founded: 2011
  • Country: USA

The name says it all really, doesn’t it. Treats does what it promises to do on the label; classy, artistic, stylish photoshoots of some of the most beautiful women around. The shoots are well put together and some of the interviews aren’t that bad either if you can peel your eyes away from the best selection of nudes and concentrate on reading for a few minutes, but we doubt that. Best not to leave this one open on the desktop, it’s probably one of the least SFW on our list. It’s a good site under the category of where to find the best nudes, but best kept from your co-workers or boss.

Woman in a bikini on all fours seductively posing on the sandy seashore
It’s Now Cool | Image: Supplied

3. It’s Now Cool

  • Founder: Josie Clough
  • Year Founded: 2012
  • Country: Australia

Classy nudes, beaches, and bikinis. It’s a winning formula that in our eyes has always been cool. Some of the best outdoor photography on the web, different beaches and an array of different models – there’s something for everyone to enjoy here. There’s also a selection of well-written, on-point articles for you to briefly consider perusing before clicking back to the shots of scantily clad girls frolicking in the sand. It’s the intersection of tasteful nude women and poignant content.

Full shot of a woman wearing only a high cut bikini bottom with her back exposed
Life Without Andy | Image: Supplied

4. Life Without Andy

  • Founder: Mitch Tomlinson and Mitch Ross
  • Year Founded: 2013
  • Country: Australia

Already a favourite in Australia, LWA is a Sydney-based site dedicated to top-quality photography with a few snippets of interview/article goodness along the way. It’s not your typical nude website. The shoots are well-conceived and feature some of the most attractive women on the web, in fun and left-of-centre settings. It’s out-there enough that you can call it art and probably get away with having it in your bookmarks toolbar.

Woman wearing a mesh fabric see through tank top without bra underneath
Sticks and Stones Mothership | Image: Supplied

5. Sticks and Stones Mothership

  • Founder: Ainsley Hutchence
  • Year Founded: 2011
  • Country: Australia

This one turns things up to 11 on the risqué-o-meter, and we’re totally fine with that. Seriously sexy high-quality nude photoshoots that still hold their own as being artistic, without leaving too much to the imagination. It’s great that people are making, ahem, ‘art’ of this nature and not becoming tacky in the process. Still, clear your history and burn your monitor before the missus catches you and you’re forced to explain how much you’ve been getting into the nuances of artistic photography lately.

Woman in swimsuit submerged in water
Cake Magazine | Image: Supplied

6. Cake Magazine

Another one that teeters between showing flesh and keeping it PG, but that’s not such a bad thing. Cute girls with lots of scope and the shoots have a flair for colour and playfulness. The site also showcases some cool streetwear, and there are some great, tasteful shots that don’t even have girls in them (I know right?!) that stand up on their own merit.

  • Year Founded: 2010
Woman in swimsuit at the beach
Arsenic | Image: Supplied

7. Arsenic

  • Founder: Amanda Micallef & Billy Hawkins
  • Year Founded: 2014
  • Country: USA

If you’re going to follow just one Instagram account to get all google-eyed over then it’s going to be Arsenic. This account features a huge range of babes and is updated regularly with all the best nude shots, there’s something for everyone. Also, it’s a great way to stay on top (heh) of all the latest Insta-models who launch their careers through social media, one side-boob shot at a time. If you thought the best search engine for classy nudes was Google, you may want to try searching on Instagram.

Close up of woman’s bikini bottom touching the sand
RektMag | Image: Supplied

8. RektMag

Beauty, style, grace, class and tits. From the girl next door to high-street lingerie (removal), this site is tasteful nudes done right. The quality of the photos is phenomenal and the settings span from outdoors by the beach to the pokiest of NY-style lofts, all without losing focus on the capturing of well-planned and stylised shots of beautiful women. For interesting nude pics, stylistically, RektMag will keep you scintillated and entertained.

Two women wearing bikini holding hands
Filthy Mouth | Image: Supplied

9. Filthy Mouth

  • Founder: Brooke Mitchell-Olimpieri
  • Year Founded: 2008
  • Country: USA

Filthy Mouth proves that sexy doesn’t necessarily have to be naked (though it does help). Themed photoshoots of attractive women in various suggestive poses? Tick. Oh, you wanted another tick? Seriously? What more do you want man? This is the site for when you’ve had enough boobs and tacky soft-core borderline porn shit and feel like having some fun. Heaven knows these models are having loads of it.

Woman sitting on a chair wearing see through top
Implied Magazine | Image: Supplied

10. Implied Magazine

  • Country: USA

Implied is more than just a magazine, it’s an online community devoted to the advancement of beautiful, artistic female photography and the ‘implied’ nudity that goes with it. Their classy nude shots feature women from all over the world and are well-curated with a mission that’s pretty clear: this is not porn, it’s art. Definitely worth checking out if you are interested in what work actually gets put into these sorts of photoshoots and stories, and the people behind it all.

Woman in bikini on a yacht
Nakid Online | Image: Supplied

11. Nakid Online

  • Founder: Dustin Hollywood
  • Year Founded: 2014
  • Country: USA

With loads of fresh tasteful nudes from an array of talented photographers and stunning models, Nakid Online pushes boundaries and features some of the best nudes on the web. Pulling high-quality content from a variety of sources keeps things interesting and NSFW warnings are used (quite liberally, we might add) in the headlines so you browse with some degree of peace of mind that whoever’s sitting behind you won’t cop an eyeful, though we’d keep it out of the office.

Woman in bikini sitting cross-legged
We Are The People | Image: Supplied

12. We Are The People

Probably the sexiest Tumblr account on the web, We Are The People is a collection of photos, mostly naked, some not, that’ll have you quitting your day job and becoming a professional photographer before you can say ‘35 millimetre lens’. Stunning, naturally alluring women in relaxed, comfortable surroundings make for the best, most tasteful nude photos going around and this is one site that has managed to nail it. Tumblr is another social media-type website where you will find several high-quality options.

Woman in bikini posing on a rock by the beach
Yume Magazine | Image: Supplied

13. Yume

Year Founded: 2010
Country: Australia

Pronounced ‘yuh-MEH’, ‘Yume’ is the Japanese word for ‘dream’, and frankly, we don’t think it could be any more appropriate a handle for this website of Earthly delights. Started a few years back by two Geelong guys who wanted to celebrate the artistic side of photography, as well as giving up-and-coming models and photographers a platform for their work, it’s now grown into one of our favourite websites where you can find tasteful nude snaps, as well as a quality bi-annual print publication which is ad-free, for your browsing pleasure.

Greyscale image of a woman holding a wine bottle sitting on countertop

14. Peter Coulson

Founder: Peter Coulson
Year Founded: 2011
Country: Australia

Considered the master of modern black-and-white photography, this list would not be complete without an inclusion from the legendary Peter Coulson. With more than 15 years experience in commercial photography, his work is nothing short of a series of artistic masterpieces. Coulson’s site contains stunning black and white images of women which subtly scream beauty and elegance. Extending beyond just pure nude photographs and into fashion, dance and hair and makeup, this is truly one of the most exquisite nude photography sites out there.

The Problem with Porn

Rudimentary research says that 4% of the interwebs is pornographic material, but well over 10% of searches on major search engines are for naughty pics and flicks. When you think about how big the internet is, even a fraction of a percentage point is massive, so porn is still a huge business however you look at it. It’s one of the biggest entertainment businesses not only on the internet but on earth. But all of this begs the question, where can a man go to find tasteful nudes these days?

The problem with porn is that it’s conceited, false, and often puerile. And there often comes a time in your life when you want to appreciate the female figure without the need for diminishing reality, false scenarios or one-sided, ersatz storylines ‘Um, yeah, I’m here to clean your pool?’ C’mon son…

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Tasteful Nude Websites FAQ

What does tasteful nude mean?

As it pertains to adult females, tasteful nude photography implies nude or semi-nude pictures with aesthetic or artistic qualities. Often featuring high-end clothing and lavish backdrops, these photos present both the female form and the adjoining locale as works of art.

Where can I find tasteful nude photography?

Some of the best digital publications for tasteful nude photography of adult females are as follows: C-heads, Treats!, Life Without Andy, Cake, Arsenic, RektMag, Implied, and others. Most of these publications also feature top-notch articles.

What is the best photography site for tasteful nude photographs?

The absolute best site for tasteful nude photography is subject to opinion. Some of the most popular ones are Dave XXX Photos, The Art of Nude Photography and Troy B Flying Photography.