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What’s the Go with David Dobrik’s 100k Puzzle?

It sounds simple enough. Buy a puzzle from internet celebrity David Dobrik, solve it, and then scan the completed puzzle (it’s a picture of a QR code). When you do, you’ll be entered into a contest where you could win between $0.25 to $100,000. If you’re not familiar with David Dobrik, the internet celebrity got his start on Vine before transitioning to YouTube, where he has over 18.6 million subscribers. He’s now focusing on TikTok, where he has over 24 million followers.

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Dobrik is probably best known for giving away large sums of money and for buying people cars. This latest ploy seems to fall in that same vein of giving away money, but there are sceptics out there. Those doubters point to the gambling aspect of the puzzle, and to the fact that someone as smart as Dobrik isn’t just going to give away money. Additionally, the puzzle isn’t free—it costs $30.

Should Dobrik sell puzzles to just 1 per cent of his followers, that comes out to around 240,000 puzzles, or $7.2 million. Back in December, Dobrik reported having sold 48,000 puzzles. That’s $1,440,000 in sales. Given the low production cost, and the high mark up on the puzzle, Dobrik safely made back his money and then some on the puzzle, even considering the potential prize money he would be giving away, which he claimed would be just over $250,000.\

Still, if you’re a puzzle fan, and you enjoy a little gambling here and there, then the 100k Puzzle is something you’ll enjoy. It’s a difficult challenge to finish, and it has an added level of excitement added to it. Just don’t be disappointed if you only win $0.25 (for a total loss of $29.75). And don’t feel sorry for Dobrik. He’s already made his profit off of the whole deal.

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