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Kick ass reboot

‘Kick-Ass’ Reboot is Going on an R-Rated Rampage

After tackling spy thrillers, Matthew Vaughn is turning his attention to familiar territory: superheroes. The Kingsman director is set to reboot the 2010’s Kick-Ass franchise, known for its dark humour and, at the time, fresh take on the genre.

While The Boys may reign supreme in superhero satire, Kick-Ass is still fondly remembered for its bold premise and unconventional approach. Vaughn announced at last year’s New York Comic Con that instead of Kick-Ass 3, there would be a complete reboot of the franchise.

At that time he said, “Kick-Ass changed people’s perception of what a superhero film is. We’re doing it again,” Vaughn said during the panel. “None of the other characters from the other Kick-Ass are in it, though we’d like to have them back after the reboot. I can’t really talk about it, but it’s fun!”

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Matthew vaughn kick ass reboot
Matthew Vaughn is rebooting the Kick-Ass franchise with a new trilogy | Image: Lionsgate

But a decade or so later, can Vaughn breathe new life into the oversaturated superhero landscape and make this old favorite exciting again? He thinks the secret is going back to what made its heroes special and different. In a recent interview with Collider, Vaughn talked about making the upcoming Kick-Ass reboot relevant to the current landscape. “We are in the middle of writing it. We’re doing a movie at the moment, which is a clue to it,” Vaughn said.

Vaughn’s new reboot will be a trilogy, with the first film reportedly finished filming and the remaining two in development. The upcoming first instalment is titled School Fight directed by Damien Walters and a project known as Vram.

Kick ass
Image: Lionsgate

“This (Vram) is gonna be the new thing, so you can figure out what that is. That’s all I can say. But this bunch of people are gonna be making the reboot of Kick-Ass. We’re halfway through shooting their first film. It’s very exciting,” Vaughn said. The director elaborated that the franchise itself is “a very meta universe,” suggesting that the reboot will target R-rated heroes. While Vaughn didn’t share many details, he emphasised that in a “post-Kick-Ass world,” the reboot will offer “a lot to do commentary on.”

As per Vaughn, “We’re halfway through. Dare I say — and it’s going to be a cliché coming out of this head of mine — it is a very, very meta universe. Kick-Ass was reinventing and creating an R-rated superhero, and no one was really doing it. This is taking that whole concept to a worthy…not even a sequel, because it’s just a whole new way of doing Kick-Ass, which couldn’t be more Kick-Ass.”