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Jeremy allen white as bruce springsteen

Jeremy Allen White All-But Confirmed to Play Bruce Springsteen in Upcoming Biopic

Fresh off his Emmy win for FX’s ‘The Bear,Jeremy Allen White is gearing up for a new kind of pressure cooker. The 33-year-old actor is reportedly set to take on a legendary role and is “in talks” to portray Bruce Springsteen in Scott Cooper’s upcoming film, ‘Deliver Me From Nowhere‘ according to a press release.

20th Century Studios has landed the project which will chronicle the intense creative process behind Springsteen’s introspective “Nebraska” album, a follow-up to his hugely successful “The River.”

After establishing himself with the acclaimed 2009 drama ‘Crazy Heart,’ Scott Cooper is set to write and direct ‘Deliver Me From Nowhere.’ Based on Warren Zanes’ 2023 book, ‘Deliver Me From Nowhere: The Making of Bruce Springsteen‘s Nebraska‘. Cooper’s film will explore Bruce Springsteen’s creative journey in crafting the album.

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Jeremy Allen White in 'The Bear' (2023) | Image: FX
Jeremy Allen White in ‘The Bear’ (2023) | Image: FX

Speaking about the personal impact of Nebraska, Cooper said, “I once read that ‘Nebraska’ is an album that moves you to the marrow of your bones. I couldn’t agree more. Bruce Springsteen, and ‘Nebraska,’ in particular, have had a profound impact on me and my work. Through themes of despair, disillusionment, and the struggles of everyday Americans, Bruce has formed an unparalleled legacy, painting an unflinching portrait of the human condition.”

He further went on to add, “Yet, amidst the darkness, a sense of resilience and a sense of hope shines through, reflecting an indomitable spirit. That’s the Bruce I’ve come to know and love and will honour with this film. Warren Zanes’ wonderful telling of this chapter in Bruce’s life is ripe for cinematic adaptation. This film has the potential to be a transformative cinematic experience, offering audiences a window into the soul of Bruce Springsteen and the universal truths that bind us all together.”

Bruce Springsteen and his longtime manager Jon Landau will also be involved with the film, offering access to his music, which is crucial.

In an official statement, Disney Live Action and 20th Century Studios president David Greenbaum said, “It is a once-in-a-lifetime honour to be collaborating with Bruce Springsteen, an inspiring and incomparable artist who represents so much to so many. The deep authenticity of his story is in great hands with my friend Scott Cooper whom I am thrilled to be collaborating with once again.”

Bruce springsteen nebraska
Bruce Springsteen will share access to his music for Scott Cooper’s ‘Deliver Me From Nowhere’ | Image: Danny Clinch

Talking a bit about the upcoming movie, Springsteen’s manager Jon Landau said, “Warren Zanes’ ‘Deliver Me From Nowhere’ is one of the best books ever written about Bruce Springsteen and his music. Bruce and I are thrilled that Scott Cooper has chosen to write and direct the film based on that book — we think he’s the perfect filmmaker for the job. Scott, with producers Ellen Goldsmith-Vein and Eric Robinson at The Gotham Group, and Scott Stuber are bringing together a superb team to ensure that this project has the vision and soul that have been the hallmark of Bruce’s 55-year career.”

No plot details have been shared, and beyond Jeremy Allen White’s involvement with the project, no other cast details have been revealed either. However, production on the film is expected to begin sometime this fall, so chances are we could learn more about the project quite soon.

Besides directing, Cooper will also produce the film alongside Gotham Group’s Ellen Goldsmith-Vein and Eric Robinson, Warren Zanes, and Scott Stuber.

In an official joint statement Ellen Goldsmith-Vein and Eric Robinson said, “When we first read Warren Zanes’ brilliant book, we knew there was a beautiful film to be made that captured the portrait of an iconic artist as a human being at a crucial moment in his artistic life.”

“We also knew there was only one filmmaker who could translate this story to cinema with verve and poetry, and that was Scott Cooper. Bruce Springsteen is the cultural chronicler for several generations and through his art he’s contributed so much to our understanding of the human journey.”

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