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Unofficial AI James Bond trailer casts Henry Cavill and Margot Robbie | Image: YouTube

Fake AI Henry Cavill ‘James Bond’ Trailer Teases the 007 We Deserve

Ever since Daniel Craig‘s martini-stirring days came to an end, the question on every James Bond fan’s mind has been: who will inherit the coveted license to kill? From rising stars like Aaron Taylor-Johnson to seasoned actors like Idris Elba, even Henry Cavill’s name has frequently topped fan casting lists. Just last week, a trailer sent social media into a frenzy, seemingly confirming Henry Cavill’s ascension to the role, complete with a very famous Bond girl. Except, there’s a wrinkle in this seemingly perfect scenario – the trailer is a deepfake and entirely the work of AI.

Unofficial AI James Bond trailer casts Henry Cavill and Margot Robbie | Image: YouTube
Unofficial AI James Bond trailer casts Henry Cavill and Margot Robbie | Image: YouTube

Titled “Bond 26,” the fan-made trailer uses deep fake and AI to create a (somewhat) realistic simulation of Henry Cavill as the new 007. The viral video, which has garnered more than 2.5 million views since its YouTube posting on Saturday, also ambitiously casts Margot Robbie as a Bond girl. “Cavill, renowned for his suave charm and undeniable charisma, steps into the role of the legendary MI6 agent with confidence and style,” reads the trailer description. “His portrayal of Bond is set to redefine the character for a new generation, blending classic sophistication with modern edge.”

While the trailer cleverly uses deepfakes of Henry Cavill as the new James Bond, it lacks the typical high-octane action and fails to establish any stakes or conflicts, feeling nonsensical and cartoonish at times. There are also plenty of telltale signs of AI and the trailer being a deepfake, such as reused footage from other movies, Cavill‘s unnaturally smooth face, inconsistencies in lighting, and a voice that sounds suspiciously not like Margot Robbie all scream “deepfake.” Finally, Cavill-Bond sporting a jarring American accent adds another layer of oddness.

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Even KHStudio, the creator behind the deepfake Bond trailer, clarified in a statement, “Please note that this video is a concept trailer created solely for artistic and entertainment purposes. I have meticulously incorporated various effects, sound design, AI technologies, movie analytics, and other elements to bring my vision to life. Its purpose is purely artistic, aiming to entertain and engage with the YouTube community. My goal is to showcase my creativity and storytelling skills through this trailer. Thank you for your support, and let’s dive into the world of imagination.”

Longtime fans have held onto hope that Henry Cavill will take over the mantle of 007 from Daniel Craig. Recent speculation shifted to Aaron Taylor-Johnson as the rumored frontrunner, but apparently, even Johnson isn’t confirmed for the role yet. While promoting his upcoming Guy Ritchie’s WWII flick ‘The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare,’ Cavill was again asked whether he’d been called for the Bond role.

“I have no idea,” Cavill told at The Rich Eisen Show. “All I’ve got to go off is the rumours. The same information you have. Maybe I’m too old now, maybe I’m not. It’s up to (producers) Barbara Broccoli and Mike Wilson and we’ll see what their plans are.”