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Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift

How Taylor Swift Can ‘Time Travel’ to Watch Super Bowl in Las Vegas

As the countdown to Super Bowl LVIII intensifies, all eyes are not just on the teams but also on one of music’s biggest stars — Taylor Swift. The question on everyone’s lips: Will she make it to the big game in Las Vegas to cheer on her beau, Travis Kelce, and the Kansas City Chiefs?

The Chiefs’ recent 17-10 win against the Baltimore Ravens in a nail-biting AFC championship game has set the stage for a potential appearance by Swift at the Super Bowl. However, logistical challenges loom large as the 34-year-old is slated to kick off the 2024 leg of her acclaimed Eras Tour in Tokyo, Japan, just four days before the match.

Swift’s whirlwind schedule sees her performing four consecutive shows in Tokyo before jetting off to Australia for the next leg of her tour. With her final Tokyo concert scheduled for February 10, less than 24 hours before Super Bowl Sunday, the Grammy-winning artist faces a race against time to make it to Las Vegas for kickoff.

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Taylor swift performs onstage during taylor swift the eras tour at sofi stadium on august 03 2023 in inglewood california emma mcintyre tas23 getty images
Taylor swift Performs onstage for Eras tour in 2023 | Image: Emma Mcintyre/Tas23/Getty Images

How Taylor Swift Can Attend the Super Bowl

Despite the time difference of 17 hours between Tokyo and Las Vegas, fans remain optimistic about her chances of attending the Super Bowl. A potential strategy involves leveraging the international date line to her advantage, allowing her to “time travel” and bridge the temporal gap between the two cities.

NFL insider turned flight expert Ian Rapoport analysed the singer’s potential journey to make it to the game in a post on X. For reference, the concert, slated for 6 pm local time in Tokyo, would begin at 1 am Las Vegas time.

“Let’s say it’s a five-hour concert, ends about 11 pm local, which is 6 am Saturday in Las Vegas,” Rapoport said. “Figure a 12-hour flight, maybe she leaves about an hour later, Taylor Swift could still get to the Super Bowl, to Vegas, about 7 or 8 pm Saturday night — just in time to party.”

Ian Rapoport

If pulled off, Swift’s Tokyo to Las Vegas expedition would be a logistical masterpiece. With her Tokyo concert scheduled to conclude around midnight local time, it conveniently aligns for a quick private jet ride that would technically land her in Las Vegas to watch her tight end. This sets the stage for one of the most impressive and seamless transitions in entertainment history.

According to Business Insider, American Airlines has swiftly (pun intended) responded to the buzz surrounding the pop star’s potential attendance by introducing direct flight options from Kansas City to Las Vegas, including a clever nod to Swift’s iconic album “1989” with flight number 1989. If that wasn’t cute enough, return flights are also available from the airline on flight AA 87, referring to Kelce’s jersey number.

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift
Image: Gotham/ GC Images

Taylor Swift’s NFL Romance

Taylor Swift and the NFL have been a match made in ratings heaven. And her presence at the Super Bowl would further electrify one of the most anticipated annual events in the United States. The star power is simply unmatched. This year, Swift’s tour has broken records within the industry, poised to rake in nearly USD$2 billion, accompanied by a cinematic portrayal of her performance.

Amid her flourishing romance with Kelce, Swift has carved out time to grace numerous NFL games, attracting a fresh wave of fans to America’s beloved spectator sport, all while her legion of social media followers eagerly tracks her every move, per Fox Sports. Since her initial appearance at a Kansas City game in September, where she was spotted in a VIP box alongside Kelce’s mother, Donna, sparking speculation about their relationship, the NFL has enthusiastically embraced the Swift phenomenon.

“The Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce news has been a pop cultural moment we’ve leaned into in real-time,” said the league. “It’s an intersection of sport and entertainment, and we’ve seen an incredible amount of positivity around the sport.”

Travis Kelce with his on-field partner, Patrick Mahomes | Image: AP Photo/ Alex Brandon
Travis Kelce with his on-field partner, Patrick Mahomes | Image: AP Photo/ Alex Brandon

Super Bowl LVIII

With Usher slated to headline the halftime show and the prospect of witnessing Chiefs make history, anticipation for the game is at an all-time high. Whether or not Swift makes it to the private box remains to be seen. However, Kansas City will have their hands full with a high-flying San Francisco 49ers team who made an incredible 34-31 comeback to snatch the NFC title over the Detroit Lions.

If the Chiefs, led by Patrick Mahomes, emerge victorious in this year’s championship game, it will mark the quarterback’s third Super Bowl ring. Additionally, the team will accomplish a rare feat not witnessed since the 2003-2004 New England Patriots: consecutive Super Bowl triumphs.