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Highest earning OnlyFans creator - Iggy Azalea | Image: Instagram

10 Top OnlyFans Earners

While names like Blac Chyna and Tyga may have already left the platform, that hasn’t stopped the top-earning OnlyFans creators from raking in millions of dollars every month. Iggy Azalea is the top-earning OnlyFans creator, bringing in up to $36 Million per year (the $48 Million number floating around online is entirely made up, according to the Australian Rapper), but we know one thing for sure, these accounts are delivering content on their terms and making serious bank in the process. Like an uncensored, subscription-based counterpart to Instagram, these are the highest-paid OnlyFans creators right now.

OnlyFans Top Earners at a Glance

Here are two of the top-earning OnlyFans creators:

Now we’ve had a look at the top earners, let’s dive a little deeper into what they charge.

Iggy azalea onlyfans
Iggy Azalea | Image: OnlyFans

1. Iggy Azalea – $36 Million

Subscription cost: $20.99 per month
Number of followers: Hidden
Estimated traffic: 135,250

Australian rapper, Iggy Azalea, joined the OnlyFans platform in January 2023 and has amassed a very loyal following of subscribers who are happy to pay one of the highest subscription prices on the platform ($20.99 per month). Rumours spread by sex-toy company LELO suggest the Australian rapper brings in upwards of $48 Million from the platform every year, but the artist has called the numbers “cap”.

What we do know is that Iggy Azalea is the most popular OnlyFans creator on the planet, according to our traffic estimates and engagement figures. When you factor in her higher-than-average monthly subscription costs, we predict her OnlyFans yearly income to be up to $36 Million per year or $3 Million per month. Her traffic estimates are higher than Bhad Bhabie who comes in at number two on our list with confirmed average monthly earnings of $2.84 Million.

Bhad bhabie onlyfans 1
Bhad Bhabie | Image: Supplied

2. Bhad Bhabie – $34 Million

Subscription cost: $23.99 per month
Number of followers: Hidden
Estimated traffic: 126,000

It’s hard to imagine that the same person who became a cultural meme for sprouting the phrase “Cash me outside, how ’bout that?” on Dr. Phil is now one of the top-earning OnlyFans creators in the world who once made $53 Million in a year, according to screenshots shared by the creator.

Using additional screenshots shared by the creator, the data shows that she earned $38,673,500 from April 2021 to November 2021. Subtracting this from the $53 Million she earned from April 1, 2021, to April 25, 2022, and we’re left with $14,219,472 for the five months between December 2021 and April 2022. This works out at an average of $2.84 Million per month in earnings or an annual income of $34.126 Million.

While the aforementioned screenshot is one of the only official earnings reports, the April 1, 2021, to April 25, 2022 date range is a bit misleading as this would have been her top-earning period (when she first joined) and generated $18,148,436. Of course, these figures will be reduced in this calendar year, but our traffic monitoring tools suggest that she’s still one of the most popular OnlyFans creators on the app and there’s been no significant decline in traffic in the months since.

Denise richards onlyfans
Denise Richards | Image: Supplied

3. Denise Richards – $24 Million

Subscription cost: $25 per month
Number of followers: Hidden
Estimated traffic: 27,500

Former Bond girl and Wild Things star Denise Richards is raking in $2 Million per month on OnlyFans, according to sources at PEOPLE. The source further explains that she “doesn’t do anything that risqué but she has 100,000 followers and makes $2 million a month doing it.” While her page doesn’t generate a lot of traffic, according to our data, she charges one of the highest per month subscription fees on the platform and if we’re to believe the 100,000 follower number provided by the source, the math certainly adds up.

Belle delphine onlyfans
Belle Delphine | Image: Supplied

4. Belle Delphine – $14.4 Million

Subscription cost: $35 per month
Number of followers: Hidden
Estimated traffic: 74,500

One of the most popular OnlyFans content creators, Belle Delphine, remains one of the highest paid with an income of up to $1.2 million per month ($14.4 Million per year) according to information shared by Delphine in an exclusive interview with Business Insider. While this interview was conducted back in 2021, our data shows that the popularity of the creator has sustained itself in the time since and there’s no reason to believe that her income has hit a downward trajectory.

Amouranth onlyfans
Amouranth | Image: Supplied

5. Amouranth – $10 Million

Subscription cost: $14.99 per month
Number of followers: Hidden
Estimated traffic: 79,100

Amouranth – real name Kaitlyn Siragusa – is a streamer turned full-time OnlyFans creator who’s making upwards of $10 Million annually. She recently shared her earnings for the September to December 2023 period, revealing that she makes an average of $850,000 per month on the app where she charges a subscription fee of $14.99. Her all-time earnings, however, are far more impressive with $57 Million amassed in her 4-years on the app dating from January 1, 2020 to Jan 3, 2024.

It’s worth noting here that OnlyFans is not her only full-time job. She also has millions of followers across social media and streaming channels like Twitch, TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Cameo, Discord, and Patreon, etc.

Corinna kopf
Corinna Kopf | Image: Supplied

6. Corinna Kopf – $10 Million

Subscription cost: $19.99 per month
Number of followers: Hidden
Estimated traffic: 78,000

Like Amouranth, Corinna Kopf is a streamer who created an OnlyFans account at the height of her popularity. She makes an average of $850,000 per month on OnlyFans, which was confirmed by her friend David Dobrik after he posted a video of her June 2021 to February 2022 earnings on TikTok. Of course, it’s fair to assume that her earnings have decreased in the time since that video was posted and our data backs that up with a consistent traffic decline over the last year.

Brianna coppage onlyfans
Brianna Coppage | Image: Supplied

7. Brianna Coppage – $10 Million

Subscription cost: $15 per month
Number of followers: Hidden
Estimated traffic: 73,000 est.

One of the fastest-rising OnlyFans creators, Brianna Coppage is a former high school teacher who waved goodbye to her $42,000 per year teacher salary in favour of a career on OnlyFans that’s paying her an average of $850,000 per month. A Fox News digital report from October 2023 revealed that Brianna had made $1 Million in a matter of weeks, and with her current rise in popularity, she’s fast becoming one of the top-earning OnlyFans creators. Our traffic data suggests she’s currently one of the most popular with an upward trend building to Belle Delphine and Corinna Kopf levels of popularity.

Sky bri onlyfans
Sky Bri | Image: Supplied

8. Sky Bri – $7.8 Million

Subscription cost: $20 per month
Number of followers: Hidden
Estimated traffic: 25,000

Sky Bri is a TikTok influencer and OnlyFans model who rose to popularity after she appeared on an episode of The Sidemen’s Real Life Tinder series and social media posts with Jake Paul. She’s previously claimed that she was making “just under $1 Million per month” on the platform, however, has significantly slowed down her output citing anxiousness. “The was the worst month of my life,” she said in an interview on the Bradley Martyn Club.

“The months that I was making the most, I was not getting out of bed. Like, blinds drawn. I didn’t get out of bed for days and days. When I would get out of bed, I would go to hang out with my friends and I would be shaking the whole time with anxiety. It was not worth the money that I made.”

Looking at her traffic estimates, it seems that there’s been a decline in Sky’s popularity in the time since and we’d estimate her monthly OnlyFans income at $650,000 per month or less based on trends. She would make significantly more money via her social media channels where she has millions of followers.

Gemma mccourt onlyfans
Gemma McCourt | Image: Supplied

9. Gemma McCourt – $6 Million

Subscription cost: $30 per month
Number of followers: Hidden

Gemma McCourt was one of the first OnlyFans creators to go viral after her estimated monthly earnings of $2.4 Million were spread around the internet. A British website called MrQ incorrectly concluded that she was the highest-earning woman on the platform, but that’s simply not true. Her bio still claims to be a “MILLION DOLLAR account for a reason,” but we have our suspicions. She’s never publicly shared her earnings and when you compare her stats with Sky Bri – who was making “nearly” $1 Million per month – the numbers don’t add up. Sky posts more videos and photos, interacts with fans in messages more consistently, and has a much larger following on social media.

In saying that, Gem101 charges a higher subscription fee and if her followers are as loyal as we expect, she’s still bringing in around $6 Million annually or upwards of $500,000 per month on OnlyFans.

Karley ruiz onlyfans
Karely Ruiz | Image: Supplied

10. Karely Ruiz – $2 Million

Subscription cost: $16 per month
Number of followers: Hidden
Estimated traffic: 121,900

One of the most popular influencers to make a transition to the OnlyFans platform is Karely Ruiz. She starred on the cover of Playboy Magazine Mexico in November, however, it’s her OnlyFans account where she generates a large portion of her income. She revealed that she has more than 10,000 subscribers on the platform (2022) who pay upwards of $16 per month to follow her exclusive content. This means the influencer rakes in upwards of $160,000 per month on OnlyFans. Interestingly, our traffic indicator suggests she’s one of the most popular creators so she could be making a lot more than that.

Why You Should Trust Our List

Here’s how Man of Many came up with the list of top-earning OnlyFans creators:

  1. We used first-party income information shared by creators
  2. We analysed the correlation between the top earners and their estimated website traffic
  3. We removed free accounts as their income fluctuates based on exclusive content
  4. We removed celebrities who are no longer active on OnlyFans from the list
  5. We cross-checked with secondary sources online and linked to these sources

It’s worth noting here that many websites online are still quoting figures from celebrities who are no longer on the platform. We’ve included a list of popular figures who have left OnlyFans below.

Most Famous Celebrities Have Left OnlyFans

While many websites online are reporting that the top-earning OnlyFans creators are celebrities like Blac Chyna and Bella Thorne, this is simply not the case anymore after many left the platform less than a year after joining. Here’s a list of celebrities that are no longer on OnlyFans and how much money they gave up:

  • Cardi B: $46.6 Million* after leaving in September, 2020
  • Blac Chyna: $39.2 Million* after leaving in March, 2023
  • Bella Thorne: $37.3 Million*
  • Tyga: $31.7. Million* after leaving in August, 2021
  • Amber Rose: $27.3 Million*
  • Erica Mena: $25 Million*

*According to 2022 data provided by Statista.

What is onlyfans 1

What is OnlyFans?

Based out of the UK, OnlyFans gives creators the ability to post photos and videos directly to subscribers. It first gained momentum amongst sex workers but now features content of pretty much every variety. Think of it as a members-only fan club that grants you exclusive access to a creator, i.e. a content provider such as Tyga or Bella Thorne. OnlyFans is similar to YouTube or Instagram in some regards, except for the fact that pretty much anything goes (within reason) and the best content is typically protected behind a paywall. One might also compare it to traditional webcam modelling, but with less emphasis on live-streaming or private chats, and more emphasis on exclusivity and curated content.

The Rise of OnlyFans

Slow-moving when it debuted in 2016, OnlyFans has recently taken off for two primary reasons: the celebrity factor and the pandemic. At the peak of the global lockdown, the two forces turned the platform into a piping-hot social media phenomenon, with a number of big names coming aboard. While adult content accounts for a high proportion of OnlyFans’ stream, recent adaptations have seen the tables slowly turn. With the constraints of coronavirus isolation closing down a number of recreational activities, some creative industries are turning to the platform as a means of artistic survival.

Jonathan Hutchinson, senior lecturer online communications and media at the University of Sydney writes that an emerging breed of ‘digital-first personalities’ are using online platforms to cultivate audiences, not just in the adult entertainment space. It’s a trend that has seen traditional artists such as Cardi B and Tyga join the platform.

Online spaces and social media platforms including Twitch, Patreon, Streamlabs, OnlyFans, and SubStack are becoming more familiar to consumers. This new frontier of the creative industries has writers, comedians, gamers, musicians and even porn producers adopting new ways to make a buck online that could prove viable beyond lockdown,” he states. “OnlyFans – where users sell nude pics and videos – has reportedly been booming since lockdown, with a 75 per cent increase in monthly sign-ups and gaining 150,000 new users every 24 hours.”

How to Make Money on OnlyFans

Currently, OnlyFans creators can earn money through one of the following methods:

  • Monthly subscriptions
  • Pay-per-view content
  • Private messages
  • Tips

The most popular OnlyFans creators generally opt for the monthly subscription and charge anywhere between $4.99 all the way up to $49.99. And before you ask: yes, some celebrity accounts are available for free with upcharges for better content. That said, don’t expect someone like Cardi B—one of OnlyFans’ top earners—to give anything away without getting paid.

But while celebrities have vastly become the top-earning OnlyFans creators, what has generated OnlyFans its mass appeal has been, as Sophie Pezzutto, PhD Candidate in Anthropology at Australian National University calls it, the rise of the ‘porntropreneur.

Once, porn stars were simply performers. Now, being successful means managing a small online business – requiring a whole new range of skills to succeed. In this online world, porntropreneurs crucially rely on self-branding as the glue that holds their diverse range of sexual and erotic services together,” she said. They have to be responsive to changes in remuneration models and algorithms, and prioritise the most profitable income streams to optimise revenue and minimise workload. They also have to be self-disciplined when it comes to scheduling and producing their own productions.”

How Much Does the Average OnlyFans User Earn?

According to a 2020 Substack article by Thomas Hollands, the most popular OnlyFans creators take home the lion’s share of earnings. To quote the article directly: “The top 1 per cent of accounts make 33 per cent of all the money. The top 10 per cent of accounts make 73 per cent of all the money. This isn’t the 80:20 rule; it’s the 80:14 rule.

Hollands estimates that the top accounts earn about $100,000 a month while the median accounts take home about $180 a month. He goes on to say that most accounts earn less than $145 per month and end up losing money in the long run, when you consider all the time and effort that goes into each post.

One thing Hollands admittedly leaves out is the tipping system, meaning the money sent from fans to creators in exchange for private messages or exclusive photos and videos. These amounts remain undisclosed and therefore difficult to obtain, but one must imagine that OnlyFans’ top earners take home plenty of money in tips every month.

Just as Apple invests resources in marketing to garner a devout following, a strong personal brand allows performers to attract loyal fans with a promise of high-quality content and the fulfilment of a particular fantasy,” Pezzutto said. “This, in turn, helps performers to stand out from the many amateur pornographers who constantly upload free material.”

You FAQs Answered

Who is the top-earning OnlyFans creator?

The top-earning OnlyFans creator is Iggy Azalea, who makes up to $36 Million per year through the subscription-based platform according to website traffic page data and subscription information sourced by Man of Many. The creator charges $20.99 per month for a subscription and generates more page views than second place Bhad Bhabie who is confirmed to make an average of $2.84 Million per month on the platform.

Who made the most money on OnlyFans in 24 hours?

American actress, singer, and writer Bella Thorne made $1 Million from the OnlyFans platform in just 24 hours when she joined in August 2020. She’s since left the platform, even though it was making her millions of dollars every month.

Who made the most money on OnlyFans?

Bhad Bhabie has made the most money on OnlyFans with a screenshot of her annual earnings showing she made $52 Million from from April 1, 2021, to April 25, 2022. She made $18,148,436 in her first month on the app. Today, she’s in second place for the top-earning OnlyFans models, sitting behind Australian rapper Iggy Azalea who makes up to $36 Million per year.