Eric Clapton Crossroads Collection Guitars

eric clapton sitting with guitars

Rock n roll legend Eric Clapton, has teamed up with Martin, Fender, Gibson and Guitar Center to develop the Eric Clapton Crossroads Collection of premium guitars. The range features a Fender Tribute Strat based on “Brownie” aka “the Layla Strat” which he purchased in 1967, a Gibson Harrison-Clapton “Lucy” Les Paul based on a guitar famously exchanged between good friends Eric Clapton and George Harrison and used on songs such as While My Guitar Gentlty Weeps, and finally three Martin Eric Clapton “Crossroads” Signature Guitars designed by Clapton based on the legendary 14 fret 000 body style first introduced in 1934.

Clapton quotes, “they are beautiful guitars; from the inlays to the rosewood they are unique from one another. One would be inclined to take care of and be in awe of them.” As a Rock n Roll Hall of Famer and 4th place recipient in Rolling Stones magazine’s top 100 guitarist, Eric knows best.

Available exclusively at Guitar Center, a portion of all proceeds will go to Eric’s Crossroads Centre Antigua.

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