Event Cinemas Gives Movie-Goers a Boutique Experience

Event Cinemas is launching a boutique movie experience that draws on its storied past with the company’s State Theatre and QT hotels. The boutiques will be a part of the George Street Sydney flagship location for the company and will consist of two unique experiences.
The first theatre holds 28 seats set in a private library and appropriately named “The Library.”

The Library features a floor to ceiling vinyl of shelves of books on the wall, with food delivered in “books” that feature a pull-out tray for the food. The second theatre draws on the glitz and glamour of the red carpet and is called “the Paparazzi.” The Paparazzi theatre holds 46 seats, and feature rows of fans and photographers on the walls.

Both theatres feature laser projection and custom-made designer recliners complete with footrests. The different cinemas also offer unconventional food and beverage choices delivered through a waiter service. Depending on the time of day, the tickets for the bespoke theatres run from AUD$39 to AUD$42.

Event Cinemas launches “Boutique” movie experience

The first movies to be offered on these new screens are Sony’s Men in Black: International and Paramount’s Rocketman. Patrons won’t know which theatre they will be in until after they have purchased the tickets. Moving forward, it won’t just be blockbusters that are shown on these screens. Instead, Event is looking to offer a “more refined” lineup.

If the new theatres prove popular, Event will roll the idea out to other locations, with unique themes for each. Currently, a boutique cinema is being planned for Newmarket in New Zealand.

boutique movie experience library scene

“We don’t believe in a one-experience-fits-all approach to our cinemas or our customers,” states Event Hospitality and Entertainment’s CEO Jane Hastings.

“Through our research, we understand customers want choice, even down to the style of their seat. Those seeking premium experiences want not only the best seat, they also want to fully immerse in a great experience. Event Boutique—our latest in a raft of new premium cinema experiences—is unique as it allows you to completely escape from the moment you walk through the door.”

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