A Lego Store is Finally Coming to Sydney

Has there ever been a greater invention than Lego? Antibiotics? OK, fine. But you’ve got to admit that Lego is right up there. Endlessly adaptable, Lego has for generations enabled people of all ages to not only meticulously construct tableaux of wonder and delight, but also facilitated the blooming of our imaginations by turning those little knobbly bricks into whatever our minds can conceive of.

So a fully-equipped Lego Store, like all things Lego, is a beauteous thing to welcome into our lives. And Sydney is about to get its first one, at Westfield Bondi Junction. The announcement was made on the Lego Facebook page and the store is expected to open in March.

Sydney Lego Store

Other Lego stores offer customers the chance to “pick a brick” to replace pieces they’ve lost from their sets, which will be a positive godsend to thousands of dedicated Legoers who are finding their creations coming up just short of perfection. There will also no doubt be plenty of spectacular Lego renderings of Sydney attractions, and of course a dazzling kaleidoscope of Lego sets to satisfy anyone’s heart’s desire.

In general, what is on offer is a chance to bask in the feel-good ambience of a place specially designed to nurture the child within – and make millions and millions of dollars. Everything is awesome.