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Hasbro Robotic Optimus Prime to Launch in Australia

Toys don’t get any cooler than this. Firing off a nostalgia thunderbolt straight to the chest, Hasbro has unveiled the ultimate in ’80s-themed engineering, a real-life robotic Optimus Prime. Teaming up with Robosen Robotics Co. Ltd, the global toymaker has created what it claims is the world’s “most advanced and programmable robotic toy”, with the limited-edition Transformer able to switch between forms automatically, while also completing a series of impressive tasks. Just don’t think this robot collectible will come cheap.

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Image: Hasbro

Retailing at a whopping $1,400, the new Optimus Prime robot casts an imposing shadow, both literally and financially. The 46cm high model comes loaded with 60 microchips which work to power 27 motor joints capable of turning the toy from vehicle to robot automatically. Best of all, Hasbro has confirmed the transformer is fully controllable by voice command and mobile app, meaning you can finally yell ‘Autobots, Roll Out’ and something will actually happen.

While form shifting Transformer toys are nothing new to the iconic franchise, the latest release does mark a bold crossover of industries. With the help of Robosen Robotics, Hasbro has been able to create an Optimus prime robot with the ability to move fluidly between actions and controls seamlessly. In addition to transforming on-demand, the new toy comes with a number of pre-loaded actions, such as bipedal walking and a unique race function available when it’s in vehicle form.

Hasrbo robotic optimus prime 7

Image: Hasbro

Technology nerds will also be happy to note that you can even personalise the actions made by Optimus Prime. The robot is fully programmable through code development and comes complete with preprogrammed voice commands such as ‘open fire’, ‘attack’ and ‘who are you’. It even features a blaster and battle-axe for some serious firepower.

“We are thrilled to have collaborated with Robosen on this advanced innovation within robotic toys,” Sarah Young, director of licensed consumer products at Hasbro said. “We are excited to be able to bring elevated branded play through Optimus Prime in a way that has never been achieved before within collectibles. We are sure that Transformers fans will love seeing this launched within the Australian market”.

Hasrbo robotic optimus prime

Image: Hasbro

According to Hasbro, the leader of the Autobots is the first of a series of Transformer collectibles that Hasbro is set to drop later in the year. In the coming months, the toymaker will launch the Optimus Prime Auto-Converting Trailer with Roller for the Flagship Optimus Prime, a monster one-metre companion piece modelled after the original G1 design. For now, however, the Robosen Robotics x Hasbro Optimus Prime Transformer Robot is firmly stealing the show. Priced at $1,400, the new robot is available for pre-order from EB Games and Zing online, for delivery in June.

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