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Nba 2k22 season 2

NBA 2K22 Season 2: Release, Rewards, Prizes

We loved playing season 1 of NBA 2K22, but it was more of a preview for gameplay and a tease of what was to come than an all-out showcase of rewards, gear, emotes, and banners. Season 2 ‘Build Your Empire’ took the previous rewards model to the next level by following the journey of His Airness, Michael Jordan.

When the Chicago Bulls went searching for their next star in 1984 they were lucky enough to land a young, raw, and athletic player from North Carolina named Michael Jordan. He was the hero that the Bulls needed, the best basketball player of all time, and transformed sneakers like no other. In Season 2, you become the hero, whether that means climbing the ladder to NBA stardom, running the streets, or building your dream team, NBA 2K22 wants you to channel your inner goat and become the next MJ. How? By building your empire and accumulating more fame and rewards as a result throughout the season. Let’s check them out.

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Nba 2k22 season 2 player rewards


  • Level 1 Reward: Breast Cancer Awareness shirt.
  • Level 40 Reward: Skeleton mascot.
  • New Events
  • Skeleton Mascot

We managed to grind our way to level 40 of MyCAREER in the previous season and with the number of double rep weekends, events and tokens it was remarkably easy. It’s still not clear whether the road to level 40 is going to get harder or easier, but there are a number of cool additions that make the journey worthwhile, even for the casual player. These include a new Skeleton themed Mascot Outfit as a level 40 reward, Rebirth unlockable as a Quest reward, cosmetic fall updates, events and apparel.

How to Unlock Rebirth on NBA 2K22

  • Find ATM near the 2K club.
  • New Gen: Complete 10 3v3 or 10 2v2 City games with a 90 overall rating or higher.
  • Current Gen: Complete 10 3v3 games once you reach 90 overall rating to earn Rebirth
  • Up to 30 Badge points on new-gen will be spendable and available for upgrades.
  • Up to 20 Badge points on current-gen will be spendable and available for upgrades.

Rebirth gives players the opportunity to jump to a 90 overall on new-gen or skip 10 pre-completed MyPOINTS levels on current-gen. For new-gen players, you must first obtain the quest from ATM by the NBA Store and Club 2K before you can begin completing 10 3v3 or 10 2v2 City games with a 90 overall rating or higher to unlock Rebirth. Current-gen players will need to complete 10 3v3 games once they reach a 90 overall rating to earn Rebirth.

After completing the rebirth quest, players will be able to choose between a normal save file or a Rebirth save file when creating a new MyPLAYER and can create a Rebirth save more than once. By creating a Rebirth save, players will open the door to myriad new rewards, such as Badge points, and more. Definitely, something we recommend diving straight into.



  • Level 1 Reward: Free Agent Michael Jordan.
  • Level 40 Reward: Pink Diamond Kevin Garnett.
  • Coach cards are introduced as rewards for domination.
  • Wins in TTO will NOT subtract your opponent’s points from your 100.
  • Special Event Cards available from these Ball Drops to use in The Exchange (more info to come).
  • Go 65-82 in Unlimited and pre-unlock level 23 in Season 3.

We really started to get into MyTEAM after reaching level 40 of MyCAREER during season one. We pride ourselves on building a traditional ‘no money spent’ squad, and we think you can do the same. The level rewards system that was introduced in 2K21 is great for players who don’t want to spend a ridiculous amount of real-world money on VC to pull packs, and while this might be the quickest way to add top tier players to your team and win games, you can build a formidable team through grinding challenges and practice.

Seasonal Player Reward Cards, such as a Level 1 Free Agent Michael Jordan is a great way to get started. These cards expire after a short amount of games but are helpful in defeating players with better squads. MyTEAM also introduces new NBA 75 Domination Tier and Series I Cards and the first-ever Player Coach Cards as a reward for completing each tier in the NBA 75 Domination Tier, along with new challenges, agendas, and “more”.

In a HUGE piece of news for MyTEAM players, each tier in Unlimited will now have 16 games available. In layman’s terms, this means once you reach the Galaxy Opal tier, everyone will have 16 games to get the 12 wins needed for Unlimited’s featured player reward card. No more perfect 12-0 records will be required against the most competitive community in 2K to earn the Seasonal Grand Prize (which is Pink Diamond Gary Payton in Season 2).

Nba 2k22 season 2