Handmade Men Offers You The Best of Craftsmanship

When it comes to shopping and lifestyle websites, it takes a lot to stand out. Handmade Men is one smartly-appointed site that has arguably succeeded in establishing a unique character. This website handpicks and highlights artisans and craftsmen part of the do-it-yourself spirit captivating people worldwide. We recently contacted with Charlie from Handmade Men to discuss his site and his vision for promoting handmade goods for men.

MM: First off, what inspired you to create Handmade Men?
As far back as I can remember, I’ve loved all things handmade. These items have uniqueness and personality, which are tough to find in the world of mass-produced retail goods. It isn’t just the high quality that makes handmade products so appealing for me. I also feel enriched knowing that I am supporting hard-working artisans who put their hearts and souls into their work.

On your site, you talk about a “handmade revolution.” What does that mean to you and how does Handmade Men fit in?
Since the turn of the century, there has been an explosion of interest in handmade, DIY craftsmanship. As our society takes on a more corporate, mass-produced feel, there’s a backlash happening as well. People are turning to handmade goods in droves.

Even though I love sites like Etsy, it can be frustrating wading through middling choices and finding the best handmade stuff for men. More choice is a good thing but all that filler can eat up your time and energy. That’s where Handmademen.com comes in. We put a lot of thought into every craftsman and item we feature on the site. We hope and believe we’ve created a way for people to cut through the BS and find some of the very best things coming from DIY artisans today.

What kind of handmade things do you feature?
Apparel is a big part of what we cover but the list is almost endless. On Handmade Men, you’ll learn about handmade shaving gear, gadget cases and even stuff for dog owners. Even though there’s something here for everyone, we try to keep things focused by maintaining a consistent, masculine feel and an eye for quality.

What kind of person do you see getting a lot out of your site?
Even though we focus on goods that appeal to men, we’ve got a lot to offer to shoppers of all genders. For example, there are a lot of significant others out there that are eager to find unique gifts for the men in their lives. Basically, anyone who loves handmade artistry can get value from our site.

stellaem haberdashery

Now it’s time for me to put you on the spot for a minute. Out of all the artisans Handmade Men has featured, which three are the most exciting to you personally?
You know, we take a lot of care in curating our site, so I’m honestly excited about all of the artisans we’ve covered. If I absolutely must pick three, I have to mention Dave Friesen from Crossed Heart Forge. Dave uses traditional Japanese blacksmithing to create beautiful knives and I’m telling you, these are more than just knives; they’re pieces of art. You’d never guess from looking at them but Dave uses reclaimed and recycled materials in his work. That means you’re getting pieces that are absolutely original and unique.

houston kiltmakers

For my second pick, I’ll go with Desiree from StellaEM haberdashery. This charming and talented lady makes apparel accessories or men and boys and they are jaw-droppingly handsome. There just isn’t any better way to describe them. Ties, bowties, suspenders-they’re all handmade and they have a old-school flair that really pops out at you.

Finally, I have to give a shout-out to Kenneth McDonald from Houston Kiltmakers. For a man, nothing shows confidence like wearing a kilt and Kenneth’s handmade tartan kilts are literally world-renowned.

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