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Hidden Tips & Tricks for Pokemon Go

It’s taken the world by storm (well at least Australia and New Zealand). One of us here at Man of Many loves it and the other hates it, but never the less, we thought we’d bring you some tips and tricks for Pokemon Go that they don’t tell you about in the gameUpdate: Further tips added to the bottom.

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1) Don’t get too attached to your starter Pokemon (Charmander, Squirtle or Bulbasaur). You’ll need to catch plenty more of them to eventually evolve them anyways and they’re likely to be much stronger and a higher CP than your starter. So don’t go wasting precious candy on your weaker pokemon.

2) Throwing Pokeballs properly. You want to throw the balls in a straight line and his the green/organge/red circle that changes in size. The best time to hit this circle and the best chance of catching your pokemon is when it’s at it’s smallest. If you hit it when it’s large, you get a nice throw bonus, medium you get a great throw bonus and tiny, you get an excellent throw bonus.

3) Curve Balls. If you’re skilled, you can move the pokeball in a circle before you throw it to get it spinning to put some curve on your throw. You get a nice bonus if you can pull this off properly.

4) Use raspberries on stronger pokemon before you throw a pokeball for a higher chance of catching them.

5) If the CP of a wild pokemon shows up as ??? it’s likely to be very strong so make sure to use raspberries and Great Balls.

6) Use the incense and lucky egg at the same time to level up your player quickly. It’s best to do this when you’re out and about on the move so you come across plenty of Pokemon and Pokestops. You’ll earn double the XP this way.

7) If your bag fills up you can dump a lot of the weaker potions or pokeballs by pressing on the bin next to the item.

8) To evolve Pokemon you need the same type of candy of that strain of Pokemon. So you can use Charmander Candy on a Charmeleon for instance. To get candy you need to catch wild pokemon which usually gives you three candy of that type. You can get extra candy by transferring your extra/duplicate Pokemon back to the Professor. Go into the Pokemon you want to get rid of, scroll down and his Transfer to get one extra candy of that type.

9) Don’t leave your BEST Pokemon at any gyms as you’ll likely want them later to defeat other opposing gyms.

10) To use a Lure Module, you need to be close to a Pokestop and click above the circle in the small white square. Pink petals will start to fall from the Pokestop. If you see this on the map, it means someone has activated a Lure there, so you can head that way to catch the extra Pokemon that a drawn to that area.

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11) You can earn coins by leaving your (middle of the range) Pokemon at fellow team members gyms. Every day, enter the stop and hit the shield in the top right to earn Defender Points. You earn more coins depending on how many Pokemon you’ve left at gyms. You can earn a maximum of 100 coins in any one day.

12) The Nearby Pokemon will show you what’s in your surrounding area. The footprints below them indicate how far away they are from you. 1 footprint is around 40 ft, two 80ft and three 120ft. Not sure on this one, but I think if you select a pokemon from the nearby list that you want to capture and turn your player around, when you’re facing the direction of that Pokemon the nearby indicator will pulse to tell you that you’re pointing the right way.

13) Eevee Evolutions are apparently random and you can’t control which type you get from evolving it.

14) Don’t waste your money buying pokeballs. There’s plenty at Pokestops.

15) Keep Pokemon Go open on your phone when you’re walking around if you want to hatch an egg. Make sure to incubate it first!

16) Once you’ve spun a pokestop, you don’t need to collect each individual item. You can just press X for them to be deposited in your bag. This is helpful when you’re in the back of a car or train moving quite fast.

17) You can also defend your own teams gyms by leaving a pokemon there.

18) Some dudes are placing two strips of clear tape down the middle of their phone so they drag their finger perfectly straight with each pokeball throw. This is cheating but yeah…

19) If you use Battery Saver mode in the settings, the screen will turn off if you turn your phone upside down. But you can still use headphones and the phone will vibrate when you’re in range of a Pokestop or Pokemon.

20) Evolving a knocked out Pokemon will bring it back to full health. So don’t waste your potions on them.

21) Grass rustling means there is Pokemon nearby there.

22) Battles are not turn based. Instead you need to swipe left and right to dodge attacks and tap on your opponent quickly to do as much damage as you can. You can keep an eye on the special meter but chances are the battle will be over quickly as most people’s Pokemon are weak.

23) You’ll need to beat a few trainers at an opposing gym before it’ll turn grey and you can claim it for yourself. When you do, you’ll be the Leader of that gym until someone with higher CP (combat power) takes your place.

24) The blue segments on a Pokemon’s info page if their special attack meter. This represents how many segments you’ll need to build up in battle before you can use their special attack. For every second your Pokemon is on screen it will build up their special attack meter, so you can use it in a subsequent battle.

Updated / New Tips

25) Pokemon can’t spawn in the ocean or on water, so if you’re walking by the beach, walk a little back from the shoreline. You’ll see that the circle surrounding your player if where pokemon can spawn, so there’s no point with half of it being out in the water doing nothing for you. Make sure it’s covering the land rather than vast amounts of ocean. Update: Peter Frazis proved this wrong for us with a screenshot of a water pokemon spawning in the ocean. So go figure? But I don’t think they’re intending for you to swim out to them. 

26) You can start with Pikachu as your starter pokemon. When you launch the game, the three starter pokemon will pop up. Instead of choosing one, walk for a few blocks until you see Pikachu appear. May take a while but we’ve seen a video of it happen.

Keep calm and catch ’em all!

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