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Husqvarna Automower NERA | Image: Husqvarna

Man of Many’s Staff Favourites – 13 January 2024

How’s your wallet after the holiday break? Who cares! Let’s run it up in 2024 and ball out like there’s no tomorrow. Dive into the latest Staff Favourites from Man of Many to see everything we’re throwing on the credit card this week.

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Smokehead high voltage single malt scotch whisky
Image: Smokehead

Smokehead High Voltage Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Jacob Osborn – Journalist

This uncompromising single malt lives up to its name by way of an intensely peaty profile and cask strength ABV of 58%. Its exact origins remain somewhat elusive but we know that the label Smokehead is a subsidiary of Ian Macleod Distillers, the same company that owns Glengoyne and Tamdhu (among other brands). If you love yourself a truly smoky dram, this one is right up your alley.

A two-ton flavour bomb, High Voltage takes everything you know about classic Islay whisky and dials it up to 11. Its opening nose of burning peat and salty iodine reveals a subtle undercurrent of sweet toffee once the smoke clears. That campfire smoke returns at first sip, wrapped within an oily mouthfeel and layered with additional notes of nuts, brine, vanilla, and citrus. Sugar, salt, spice, and smoke bring things to a memorable finish. Only the bold need apply.

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Oakley sutro lite sweep
Image: Oakley

Oakley Sutro Lite Sweep

Scott Purcell – Co-Founder

I’ve been getting stuck into my New Year resolutions over January, and two of them are to run more and play more golf. After reading Atomic Habits last year, I thought, what better way to force myself to do something than with an ultra-premium kit far beyond my needs? Enter the Oakley Sutro Lite Sweep, a.k .a. the speed dealers of my dreams. These seemed like a happy medium between the super futuristic Oakley shades you see many of the Olympic athletes wearing and the ultra sporty variants you see the Aussie Cricketers don on the pitch.

The Sutro Lite Sweep is a super functional sports design with an extended field-of-view that almost makes you forget you are wearing it. I love the way the arms almost hug your face for a snug fit that don’t move around while you are running or swinging a golf club. Much of this comes down to the Unobtainium® (no idea what that is…) nose grip which is non-slip, but either way, it’s super comfortable for all-day wear. Pair this with the Prizm™ Lens Technology that is engineered to enhance color and contrast to see more detail and I’ll be able to see my triple and double bodies in ultra-hi-def-8k.

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Beau restaurant
Image: Beau

Beau Restaurant

Richie Hall – Video Producer

Looking for a new hidden lanway gem? Beau Restaurant is a sleek new wine bar and diner located just a block away from Nomad, its well renowned older sibling. My favourites on the European-inspired menu designed by head chef Troy Spencer are the black angus tri tip, padron peppers with olasagasti anchovies and fried bread as well as raw tuna, bonito and jalapeno dressing with lemon oil. Beau’s interior is eye-catching and modern. The glass-fronted, temperature-controlled wine wall behind the bar houses wines sourced from all around the world – not to mention the selection of wines on tap. Sit up at the stunning black granite bar or head up to the intimate rooftop terrace. Beau is a perfect date night spot.

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Mindful box from mindful pet care
Image: Mindful Pet Care

Mindful Box from Mindful Pet Care

Alex Martinez – Media Sales and Brand Partnerships

New year, new you right? What about your best friend though? Mindful Pet Care is a Sydney based company all about the importance of mental health and wellbeing for your pets. I bought my brother a Mindful Box and it was a huge success for both dog and owner. The box included lickmats, multiple enrichment toys, treats and more all designed to provide mental stimulation and reduce stress and anxiety for both parties. Don’t say you love your dog until you have hooked them up with one of these bad boys.

Playstation pulse wireless earbuds
Image: Playstation

Playstation Pulse Wireless Earbuds

Dayna Aspite – Branded Content Associate

The PlayStation Pulse Wireless Earbuds are a stand out choice for gaming enthusiasts. Boasting a comfortable design and impressive 3D Audio support, these earbuds provide a heightened gaming experience by precisely rendering in-game sounds which I found to be quite handy for FPS games. I was worried about the buds being wireless but they proved to be very user-friendly in both setting up and controls, adding to a seamless gaming experience. The case was also a nice touch to the overall use of these buds. Not only does it charge the buds but looks great against any PS5 setup while doing so. I really enjoyed these buds not only while gaming on console but took these bad boys for a spin on PC and while on the go with my phone. No matter what, the quality of audio was spot on!

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Husqvarna Automower 430X NERA

John Guanzon – Head of Social

When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, I’m sure we’d all like a little more free time, right? One of my goals this 2024 is to buy back more of my time and better utilise technology and automation to make room for more important things in life, like family, health, and well-being. Slowly but surely, I’ve been building a small army of smart home robots to automate those tedious house chores, like cleaning, gardening, and of course, turning the lights on and off. The MVP of my robot army this summer has been the Husqvarna Automower® 430X NERA that I’ve installed in my backyard. The advanced robotic lawn mower is a beast of a machine and sits at the top of the Husqvarna Automower range.

The 430X NERA is designed for complex and large lawns up to 3200m² and boasts intelligent object avoidance, handles slopes up to 50% incline and utilises GPS-assisted navigation for efficient coverage. Unlike previous models, the 430X doesn’t require the installation of a guide wire along the boundary of your lawn. Instead, it uses a beacon to create virtual boundaries through satellite-based technology. Our Automower is currently set to run anytime between 9am to 3pm and requires very little interference or maintenance. It just diligently cuts the grass to our desired height and then takes itself home to charge overnight. I mean, it’s 2024 and we’ve got mind-blowing tech like transparent TVs and Apple Vision Pro headsets coming out but it honestly still amazes me that I have an actual intelligent robot trimming my lawn every day, keeping it in tip-top shape without me lifting a finger.

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Uno bright air sneakers by skechers
Image: Skechers

Uno Bright Air Sneakers by Skechers

Naman Singh – SEO & Content Specialist

As I got out and about over the break, I realised I needed reliable and solid footwear to tackle all those long trips and outings.

Enter the Skechers Uno Bright Air Sneakers, which proved to be a gamechanger in comfort, style and price point. Available in 2 eye-popping neon colours (coral and aqua), these shoes kept my feet happy all day long.

My bright coral pair complimented almost every look, and the Air-Cooled Memory Foam® comfort insole and Skech-Air® visible air-cushioned midsole provided much needed support. I went for hours in these ultra-light sneakers, which stand true to the “air” in their name.

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Stanley h2 0 flowstate tumbler
Image: Stanley

Stanley H2.0 Flowstate Tumbler

Sam Mangioni – Journalist

I typically steer clear of product trends, but the Stanley Tumbler’s live up to the hype. It’s no wonder people have been scrambling to grab one at Target (you can look it up). What sets the Quencher H2.0 Tumbler apart is its well-thought-out design, making it ideal for your cars which is a common challenge with larger thermos-type bottles. Thanks to its innovative design, the slim base seamlessly slips into your cup holder.

Another standout feature is the advanced FlowState lid, equipped with three positions: a straw opening to secure the reusable straw, a convenient drink opening, and a full-cover top that effectively wards off splashes. Furthermore, the tumblers are hot AF, available in a variety of vibrant colours. Personally, I love the pastel vibes that evoke a summery feel and make me inclined to keep sipping, ultimately leading me to suck on it more and improve hydration.

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