Elon Mcfly Remakes Back to the Future With the Tesla Cybertruck

Spoofing a classic can be risky business, but recreating a key scene from Back to the Future paid off for Toronto-based Fort York VFX. In the video, the team, which was composed of 11 people including the company’s Creative Director Mike Bishop, swapped out the iconic DeLorean for a Tesla Cybertruck.

The 52-second video uses footage from the movie, showing Doc Brown and Marty McFly in the shopping mall parking lot where the time machine was first tested. As the camera switches from the Doc and Marty, instead of transitioning to the flux capacitor equipped DeLorean, you see the sharp edges and many facets of Elon Musk’s blocky truck. The truck spins its tires, then shoots forward—well, maybe not shoots. It does have a bit of a feel of slowly building, making you worry that it won’t hit the targeted 88 miles per hour before hitting Doc and Marty (it helps to heighten the tension a bit more than the original did, actually). But the Cybertruck does reach the desired speed, and it goes speeding through time, leaving behind a spinning license plate that reads, “LOL GAS.” Appropriately enough, the video lves on a channel owned by “Elon McFly.”

The video does a pretty good job of making the change feel seamless. And the color and design of the Cybertruck makes it look like it would be a ringer for the DeLorean. The swap does raise the question, however, of what would Marty do when he jumps into the Cybertruck to flee the Libyan terrorists and goes back in time. The DeLorean was gas powered, but the Cybertruck’s electric motor could possibly need a charge as well—and that’s in addition to the 1.21 jigawatts needed to fire up the flux capacitor. Maybe the clock tower would get hit by two bolts of lightning?

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