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Elon Musk

‘I’m Buying Manchester United’: Elon Musk Seriously Considers Team Takeover

As rumours continue to swirl about potential buyers for Manchester United, one name that has recently emerged as a surprise contender is none other than Elon Musk. While the billionaire has proven his ability to juggle running multiple companies and launching rockets into space, the prospect of owning a football club presents a unique challenge. Dealing with the passionate and sometimes abusive nature of English sports fandom may prove to be more daunting than sending people to Mars. Then again, this is a bloke who decided to run the most toxic social media platforms in the world, so perhaps he’s up for the challenge after all.

According to the Daily Mail, Musk is monitoring the situation at Old Trafford closely and weighing up the possibility of making an offer ahead of the Friday deadline. The billionaire CEO of Tesla and SpaceX has certainly got the financial muscle to make a move, with an estimated net worth of USD$187.5 billion. In fact, the British tabloid even suggested that Musk is being courted by Saudi investors looking to use him as a figurehead for a potential bid.

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Manchester United
Image: Phil Noble/Reuters

But why would Musk be interested in buying a football club? Well, it turns out that he’s a big fan. . In August of last year, he tweeted “I’m buying Manchester United (although he later deleted the post). When asked which team he would buy if he were to make a purchase, he replied that it would be United, as they were his “fav team as a kid.”

The Glazer family, who currently own the club, are reportedly looking for around USD$7.3 billion for a full takeover. However, they have also expressed an interest in a partial sale, which could be an attractive option for Musk or other potential buyers. If it’s sold for a price exceeding the USD4.65 billion paid for the NFL’s Denver Broncos last year, Manchester United could become the world’s most expensive sports team.

Musk isn’t the only high-profile individual thought to be interested in acquiring Manchester United. Bloomberg reported that a consortium of Qatari investors is reportedly set to make an offer, with the backing of the country’s sovereign wealth fund. British billionaire Sir Jim Ratcliffe is also said to be in the running.

If Elon Musk were to toss his hat into the ring, it would definitely spice up the already captivating tale of one of the planet’s most beloved sports franchises. With a resume boasting game-changing advancements in the tech and space sectors, it’s not difficult to envision Musk adding a touch of innovative flair to the world of soccer. Of course, we’re not exactly fluent in the intricacies of the game, but we have a sneaking suspicion that implanting players with Neuralink chips might be frowned upon by the rulebook.

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