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Roland Go:Mixer Pro-X Turns Your Smartphone into a Beat Lab

Roland is improving on their Go:Mixer Pro-X, including even more features on their pocket-friendly and affordable mixing technology. The new model is being upgraded with better support for Android phones and iOS devices along with some new audio functionality as well.

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The new features for the Go:Mixer Pro-X include a new gain “pad” for guitars. This little device allows you to attenuate volume on active pickups. There’s also a new headphone and monitor port that is bi-directional, so you can also use it as an input. This new port lets you use the microphone on your headphones or you can plug in a 3.5mm source. These new features build on the Pro’s previous XLR combi port for microphones and ¼ inch devices and the phantom power switch for use with condenser microphones. It also includes a 2.5mm input that you can use with your smartphone and a guitar and bass port. The top of the device holds the gain rotaries for each of the outputs (there are five controls in total, though you can connect seven devices; but to adjust your phone as an input, you’ll have to use the phone itself). The Pro-X also comes with a ridge on the battery compartment so that you can use it as a stand for your phone.

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This compact and immensely portable device is great for DJs on the move, but podcasters will also find it a reliable and useful tool. The XLR mic input makes it great for interviews, video calls, podcasts, and more. You can even find plenty of use for the Pro-X with your garage band—no more lugging around all that equipment. Best of all, you won’t have to mortgage your house to afford the Go:Mixer Pro-X. This mixer can be yours for an investment of just $149.99.

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