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Fender aerodyne lineup

Fender’s Bold New Aerodyne Guitars are Almost Too Minimalist

With live music very much back on the agenda after a few years of it being hobbled by lockdowns and the like, Fender has just launched a new range of Japanese-made guitars designed to ensure musicians are properly equipped as they return to the stage. Despite the latest range containing Stratocasters, a Telecaster, and both a Precision and Jazz Bass, the Aerodyne series – first launched in the 2000s – has always been a significant departure from what you’d normally expect from the iconic guitar brand. This latest batch of instruments is no exception.

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Fender aerodyne 9
Image: Fender

Certainly from a visual perspective, the range finds Fender experimenting, taking classic guitar shapes and applying modern hardware before giving them a stripped-down futuristic look via bold colours that accentuate the minimalist aesthetic. While we suspect some of the colours will be a little Marmite in terms of their appeal, we’re quite partial to the Bright White Aerodyne Special Stratocaster and its Speed Green Metallic HSS brethren.

According to Fender’s Executive Vice President, Product, Justin Norvell, the new range is an expansion of company founder Leo Fender’s philosophy that artists are angels and his company exists to give them wings: “We’re continuing that mission and expanding our vision of ‘filling the world with angels’ and that means giving them the tools to create in a seamless, personalised way. From the new made-in-Japan Aerodyne Special Series Guitars offering a contemporary take on classic Fender designs, to our widening selection of new accessories, we have something to elevate the playing experience for every musician.”

The full range of guitars and pricing is as follows:

Fender aerodyne 2
Image: Fender

Fender Aerodyne Special Telecaster – AUD$2,099, available in California Blue, Dolphin Grey Metallic and Hot Rod Burst.

Fender aerodyne 6
Image: Fender

Fender Aerodyne Special Stratocaster – AUD$2,099, available in Bright White, Chocolate Burst and California Blue.

Fender aerodyne 4
Image: Fender

Fender Aerodyne Special Stratocaster HSS – AUD$2,149, available in Dolphin Grey Metallic, Hot Rod Burst and Speed Green Metallic.

Fender aerodyne 5
Image: Fender

Fender Aerodyne Special Precision Bass – AUD$2,199, available in Bright White, Hot Rod Burst and Speed Green Metallic.

Fender aerodyne 3
Image: Fender

Fender Aerodyne Special Jazz Bass – AUD$2,199, available in Chocolate Burst, Dolphin Grey and California Blue.

While certainly not entry-level guitars, the Aerodyne range is more than reasonably priced for Japanese-made guitars. Japan is renowned for the craftsmanship of its instruments and given Fender’s standing in the guitar world we imagine this new range will more than live up to that pedigree. Explore the full Fender range via the link below.

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