Simplify Chrome Extension Declutters Gmail

Gmail may be the big dog when it comes to email, but it can still be a hectic and cluttered mess, even with Google’s recent attempts at improving the service. Michael Leggett, one of the original lead designers on Gmail, has been developing Chrome extensions that he’s been sharing with friends. Now he’s making those extensions available to the rest of the world, including a Chrome extension that will streamline your inbox.

Simplify starts by moving all the Gmail sidebar icons to a dropdown or pull up menu—who actually uses all those regularly anyway? The search feature is also moved, while more prominently used functions, like delete, are relocated to the top bar. Colour-coded labels are eliminated. The button to create a new email is found in the bottom right corner in the same place where the new mail window opens. Simplify also cuts out all the ads and doesn’t collect any analytics. Leggett also put the code up on Github if you want to check it out.

Leggett co-founded Inbox after leaving Gmail, but Gmail never left his mind, and when Google axed its Inbox, Leggett decided it was time to share Simplify. There seems to be plenty of people who are excited about the extension. Over 15,000 downloads have already happened, with 500 new installs happening per day.

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