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10 Spots for the Best Paintball in Melbourne

Want the best paintball Melbourne has to offer? Whether it’s a bucks night, birthday party or just a weekend adventure, paintballing gives you the chance to live out your John Wick fantasies in military-style scenarios across a variety of fields and terrain. If you’ve what it takes to hit the ground running, then only the best paintball in Melbourne will measure up.

So, don your gear, set up your teams and tote your guns, because after your mission briefing, you’ll be led out onto a field wherein the carnage begins. And with the sport’s varied tournaments and skill-based competitions, there’s no knowing which team will reign supreme. Here is a list of the best paintball places near Melbourne.

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snipers den paintball player aimes at the helicopter maquette

1. Snipers Den Paintball Melbourne

Snipers Den is Melbourne’s best paintball places for all occasions — including birthdays, bucks parties & corporate events. Boasting seven acres of pro-level playing fields, tournament standard gear and fully trained referees, it’s a place where players of all skill levels can meet and play. For $35 per head, you’ll receive 100 paintballs and a 2.5-hour session wherein you’ll form your teams and rival others on their different fields. There are eight different scenarios to be played — each with its unique challenge.

Address: 455 Centre Dandenong Rd, Heatherton VIC 3202
Phone: (03) 9551 6630
Trading Hours: Mon-Sun 9 am-5 pm

Snipers Den Paintball Melbourne

10 spots for the best paintball in melbourne ground zero paintball melbourne

2. Ground Zero Paintball Melbourne

Ground Zero Paintball Melbourne is set on a colossal 20-acre property and has a staggering nine themed paintball fields. Since 1993, this institution has hosted sessions for the likes of the Melbourne Storms and celebrities like Hamish Blake and Lenny Hayes. Starting from just $40 for the Senior Starter package, you can get a 2-hour session with 200 paintballs or a Senior Premium Package for $190 that includes a 3.5-hours session with 1500 paintballs.

Address: 45 Highview Rd, Skye VIC 3977
Phone: (03) 9583 4444
Trading Hours: Mon-Fri 9 am-7 pm, Sat-Sun 7 am-5 pm

Ground Zero Paintball Melbourne

World Series Paintball player

3. World Series Paintball

With 11 fields across Australia, World Series Paintball is one of the country’s premium paintball Network. Over the past five years, this institution has taken a leading role in making paintball the fastest growing extreme sport down under. With four playing fields and two stately locations in Victoria, it’s no wonder it is one of the best paintball places near Melbourne. For just $39.50, you’ll get a 2.5-hour session with 200 paintballs. And if you need more ammo, reloads are only $15 per 100 — the cheapest in Australia.

Address: 9 Hamilton St, Oakleigh VIC 3166
Phone: 1300 661 650
Trading Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30 am-10 pm, Sat-Sun 9:30 am-10 pm

World Series Paintball

Xtreme Paintball player

4. Xtreme Paintball

Xtreme Paintball has it all: state-of-the-art equipment, the best game zones and one of Melbourne’s best paintball experiences. With your mates, journey through the field strewn with car ruins, inflated paintball bunkers and gangly grass to defeat the opposition. Their Starter Pack is $50 and includes 200 paintballs for a 1-hour session. Or book the Xtreme pack for $180; of 1200 paintballs over a 4-hour session. And if paintball isn’t your thing, try their Archery Tag.

Address: 609 Leakes Rd, Plumpton VIC 3335
Phone: (03) 9747 1199
Trading Hours: Mon-Sun 9 am-4 pm

Xtreme Paintball

Paintball Skirmish player

5. Paintball Games Australia

With acres of playing fields, and top-notch gear, players of all skill levels can enjoy the complete adventure at Paintball Games Australia. As one of the largest skirmish providers in Melbourne, the operator boasts three fields, located in Cockatoo, Ballan, and Coldstream. Better yet, the mix of tournament zones varies in terrain, obstacles, layout, and strategic goal and has been considered to be the best in Victoria. If you want to take your paintball experience to the next level, it’s hard to go past Paintball Games Australia.

Address: 5 Maxwells Road, Coldstream, 3770, Victoria
Phone: (03) 9777 0613
Trading Hours: Mon-Sun 8 am-5 pm

Paintball Skirmish

Wallan Paintball player

6. Wallan Paintball

Wallan Paintball is the go-to spot for entertainment near Melbourne. The venue is a lush 250-acre bush, so you’ll be sure to get the best day of adrenaline-filled action possible. There’s plenty of room to ambush, use tactics and teamwork on their fields. Envision being in the trenches, ginormous hose reels, wooden creates, metal barrel and log bunkers, where you’ll hide, raid, attack and defend — because these are just some of the leisures of Wallan. And for just $30, a 4-hour Paintball session with 100 paintballs awaits you.

Address: 315 S Mountain Rd, Heathcote Junction VIC 3758
Phone: + 61 412 540 145
Trading Hours: Mon-Sun 8 am-6 pm

Wallan Paintball

Challenge Laser Tag paintball player

7. Challenge Laser Tag

Challenge Laser Tag brings it hard; it has two bush locations in Cockatoo and Skye and offers laser skirmish and paintball on 10 huge fields. With teamwork and planning, you’ll battle it out for honour and glory. At the massive playing fields, there are plenty of places to hide for that perfect ambush and there’s something suitable for all tactics. Packages start from $50 per head and include 200 paintballs to a whopping $150 that includes 1000 paintballs for a 4-hour session.

Address: 63a Warrigal Rd, Hughesdale VIC 3166
Phone: +61 418 355 621
Trading Hours: Mon-Sun 9 am-8 pm

Challenge Laser Tag

Hot Shots Paintball Adventure Park players

8. Hot Shots Paintball Adventure Park

Hot Shots Paintball is not like any other field. It offers a range of battlefields to immerse yourself in, complete with unbelievably realistic themes. Choose from the 11 different fields that combine a natural bush setting with a range of thrilling themes including Battleforce Pacific, Wild West town, Egyptian Village and many more. And for a 1.5-hour session, you can get a Starter Package for $50 of 200 paintballs. Additional paintballs are $20 per 100 rounds. Or choose their $129 package of 800 paintballs.

Address: 895 Granite Rd, Anakie VIC 3213
Phone: +61 425 768 300
Trading Hours: Mon-Sun 8:30 am-5 pm

Hot Shots Paintball Adventure Park

Paintball Sunbury player

9. Paintball Sunbury

A vast pine forest field with war zone inflatables, bunkers, bridges, dugouts and gamified accoutrements; Paintball Sunbury is every man’s dream. This family-owned facility specialises in social and corporate and has eight themed fields to get your body pulsating with adrenaline. The venue offer several booking packages starting at $50, which includes 200 paintballs, up to a whopping $300, which includes 2000 paintballs.

Address: 295 Settlement Rd, Sunbury VIC 3429
Phone: (03) 9740 5594
Trading Hours: Mon-Sun 10 am-5 pm

Paintball Sunbury

Bass Coast Paintball player

10. Bass Coast Paintball

Bass Coast Paintball doesn’t just offer regular paintball — it spans 20 acres and is one of the few venues in Australia to offer axe throwing (a new and highly addictive game). And once your there,  their referees will take you and your mates through many different game scenarios; the fort siege and the bridge assault are there most popular set-up. You can also try out the Splatball – that’s a paintball game for those aged nine and over and is ideal for families. Booking prices start at $50 per person for 200 paintballs at a 2-hour session.

426 W Creek Rd, West Creek VIC 3992
Phone: +61 413 693 376
Trading Hours: Open by bookings

Bass Coast Paintball

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General FAQs

Where is the best paintball near Melbourne CBD?

If you are after an immersive experience that encompasses all facets, World Series Paintball and Challenger Laser Tag are the best paintball places near Melbourne’s CBD.

Where is the best indoor paintball arena in Melbourne?

World Series Paintball is the best and largest indoor paintball arena in Melbourne. It has two locations; Oakleigh and Little River.

What is the cheapest paintball place in Melbourne?

Wallan Paintball is the cheapest paintball place in Melbourne. At $30 per person, a 4-hour session with 100 paintballs awaits you.


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