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As a dual Brownlow Medalist, dual premiership player and a member of the Indigenous Team of the Century, Adam Goodes was undoubtedly one of the AFL’s most supreme athletes. A decorated career that spanned almost two decades, he knows a thing or two about high performance and getting the most out of his body. However, with age comes wisdom, and Goodes admits he’s now taking a new approach to his health. We talked to Goodes about his new philosophy and how men can follow his path to improved wellness.

Image: Dean Lewis

As a 17-year-old entering the league, Goodes was a lanky 86kg and, by the age of 23, had bulked up to a domineering 100kg midfielder. “This was all attributed to my diet plan. I learnt very quickly about the fuels the body needed to train every day and then perform with maximum effort on the weekend for games”, explained Goodes.  “I also learnt about how important fluids are and making sure I drank at least 3 litres of water a day.” And while he may no longer participate in those infamous Swans preseason camps, his well-being remains a top priority.

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Understanding the importance of good-old-fashioned hard training, Goodes’s now focuses on inspiring Aussie’s to prioritise holistic self-care rituals. This explains his most recent partnership with Wanderlust, a Melbourne-based wellness company that recently launched a range of 37 plant-active supplements dedicated to supporting everything from beauty to brain health. “Wanderlust honours the connection to self and others we all need to live life to the fullest. If there’s one thing we’ve learnt this past year is that one of the most important things we can all do for ourselves and the world around us is to promote intentional self-care”, shares Goodes. So what new methods and products have been implemented to achieve this newfound level of self-care?

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Wanderlust Gut Goodness

Our gut extracts nutrients from our food and plays a key role in maintaining our metabolism, nutrient absorption, sleep, and regulating our immune system. Wanderlust Prebiotic Gut Goodness has been created with a plant-active fibre blend to keep your gut happy and maintain bowel regularity. The natural powder is packed with prebiotics, including organic Jerusalem Artichoke as a natural source of inulin and organic Green Banana is a natural source of resistant starch. A favourite of Goodes’, he recommends throwing a scoop in your morning smoothie or breakfast bowl.

Image: Wanderlust

Wanderlust Energy Mushroom

An organic 5 mushroom health blend with iron derived Spirulina; Wanderlust Energy Mushroom is an all-natural superfood supplement that supports energy production. Athletes wanting to boost performance will appreciate the products’ fatigue-fighting properties and the assistance of healthy oxygen transportation. Easily mixed into water or juice, Goodes will often sprinkle the powder in salads and soups.

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Combining with a quality supplementation regiment, creating daily self-care rituals has been key to his well-being post-football.  “What I did for a very long time was neglect myself and not pencil in some time every day for me”, said Goodes. “Whether it be exercise or meditation, I now commit time towards mindfulness which helps keep me grounded and connected to the different areas of my life.” A straightforward tool he uses is puzzles, which allows him to decompress while keeping his mind sharp.

Wanderlust’s new range boasts 37 expertly formulated products that combine a selection of botanicals and herbs used in Ayurvedic, Chinese and Western Medicines and have been consciously created so you can positively support yourself and the planet.

Wanderlust is now available in Chemist Warehouse, and to explore the full range, check out the Wanderlust website.

Image: Wanderlust

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