Killspencer Shattered Dreams Indoor Basketball Kit Brings Down the Goal

Seeing a basketball player slam dunk the ball hard enough to shatter the glass and bring down the goal creates an iconic image. The Killsepencer Shattered Dreams Indoor Basketball Kit turns that broken glass into an art installation that you’ll love to hang in your home.

Made in the U.S.A, the shattered dreams kit takes a shattered glass backboard and through an innovative glass fusing method maintains the broken glass look while creating a new backboard that is fully functional and playable. The glass backboard comes courtesy of Judson Studios, a Los Angeles based specialty glass manufacturing studio that has been in business for the past 120 years. The shattered and fused backboard comes mounted on a maple backboard with a lexan face. The break-away rim is polished chrome, which helps make the conversion from sports equipment to art piece. Adding to the elegance of the backboard, the net is an accomplishment in beauty as well. The natural leather net is stamped and dresses up the backboard even more. The kit comes with a rubber mini basketball that is size #3. The backboard easily attaches to a wall using a cleat system assembly. Once you secure the cleats to your wall, it’s then simply a matter of locking the backboard in place on the bracket.

Because of the process used to create the backboard—pre-shattering the glass then re-fusing it—each backboard will be completely unique, just like each of the slam dunks that have shattered backboards on the court.

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