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Tiger woods announces his new apparel brand 'Sun Day Red' | Image: Sun Day Red

Tiger Woods Unveils ‘Sun Day Red’ Apparel Line Following Nike Divorce

Throw out your wardrobe because Tiger Woods’ new apparel line, Sun Day Red, has just been announced. After recently announcing his divorce from Nike, the golfing icon has revealed the first collection of items that will unquestionably infiltrate courses worldwide.

According to Golf Digest, the announcement was made in the Palisades before Woods’ annual host event at the Genesis Invitational at Riviera Golf Course. The 15-time major champion has teamed up with Taylormade, the company that already makes his clubs, creating what should be a marketing match made in heaven.

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Six items were unveiled at the reveal party: two golf shirts, a full-zip jacket, two hoodies, and a quarter-zip pullover. Among them, the red golf polo stands out, boasting distinctive design elements such as a three-pocket packet, minimalist collar and SDR logo on the chest. It’s the perfect go-to for channelling The Cat on a Sunday session at the local links. You’ll also notice that the tiger logo features 15 stripes, one for each of his major wins.

There’s been a lot of controversy surrounding the Tigers’ decision to part ways with Nike after nearly three decades of partnership. However, at the unveiling party, he explained the Sun Day Red project came at the “right time in my life”. He continued, “I’m not a kid any more. I want to have a brand I’m proud of going forward.”

Tiger woods announces his new apparel brand 'sun day red'
Image: AP

For those who don’t know, Woods began rocking the red on Sunday because of his mother, Kutilda. Sports Illustrated says she believed red was his “power colour”, so from his amateur into his professional career, Tiger rarely would play in any other colour on the last day of a tournament. Based on his win record, it seems Mumma always knows best.

“Sunday red—it’s me,” Woods said. “I’ve worn red on Sundays … it’s just become synonymous with me. Sunday red.”

According to The New York Times, Sun Day Red will be marketed as a lifestyle brand for both sports fans and non-athletes that will eventually feature apparel and shoes – which is interesting as Woods broke the golf internet when he switched to FootJoy shoes from Nike after his car crash in 2021.

David Abeles, chief executive of TaylorMade, said that “the design language of the products is completely different” from the products Tiger wore in his last sponsorship deal.

“We worked through what he believes is the red that’s most associated with his color palette,” Mr. Abeles said. “The red color he chose is the one that is most prominent and most consistent with what he believes is the red that has inspired him.”

Also, fans are probably wondering why there’s a space between “Sun” and “Day” in the brand name. Mr Abeles said it was meant to highlight that the brand is more than a weekly outfit.

“Sunday red is the color that Tiger has made, you know, very famous on Sundays,” he said. But Mr. Woods “plays golf more than just Sunday,” Mr. Abeles added.

Tiger woods announces his new apparel brand 'sun day red'
Image: Sun Day Red

The New York-based publication also pointed out that Sun Day Red represents a rising trend where athletes are getting more hands-on in the apparel game. Many stars now prioritise active participation over merely being brand ambassadors, seeking greater control over their personal brands. For instance, Roger Federer not only invested in but also designed for the Swiss sneaker company On, while Tom Brady collaborated with Jens Grede to launch Brady, a men’s wear brand.

Regarding Sun Day Red’s launch, it will operate independently within TaylorMade, boasting its own headquarters and design team under the leadership of Brad Blankinship, formerly of Quiksilver. Woods, who has been with TaylorMade since 2017, was reportedly approached over several months for an expanded partnership and eventually agreed. The 48-year-old veteran expressed excitement about sharing insights gained from years of adjusting apparel and footwear for optimal performance.

“I have learned so much over the years and have a lifetime of experience adjusting my apparel and footwear to help me play better based on the way it was constructed,” Mr. Woods said in a statement. “There are things that I could tell you that no one knew I was doing over the years. I’m ready to share those secrets with the world.”

Sun Day Red will debut its products online on May 1, with plans for international expansion. Prices for polos range from USD$115 to USD$175, while cashmere sweaters will be priced between USD$250 and USD$350. The GOAT is set to sport his latest attire during this week’s Genesis Invitational at Riviera Country Club, marking his first official PGA Tour appearance since last year’s Masters tournament.