Stefanie Horn Wants to Show You Her Tattoos

Tattoos can be incredibly sexy, particularly when they’re inked all over a stunning body like the one belonging to Stefanie Horn. It wasn’t so long ago that tattoos were taboo, but 2017 belongs to an incredible era of digital media that situates alternate cultures at the forefront. Since the birth of Suicide Girls, tattooed babes like Stefanie have been receiving the respect they deserve and if I’m mistaken than this article is a call to arms.

Moving on, we shouldn’t brush over the fact that Stefanie possesses a perfect figure and seductive curves. Stef burns through those bed sheets with an insatiable stare and gorgeously pouted lips. There’s something incredibly sexy about a babe in lingerie. It accentuates her assets while leaving plenty to the imagination.

stefanie horn lying in her bed

Stefanie, the German-born model, appears at home wearing next to nothing and chugging a Bavarian beer. If the tattoos hadn’t given it away, Stef embraces an alternative lifestyle that consists of Aussie musicians like Northlane and the Amity Affliction. We embrace Stefanie as not one of the pack but as one in a million.

Publication: RektMag

Model: Stefanie Horn

Photographer: Julien LRVR

Check it out

stefanie horn tattoos in her hand

stefanie horn tattoos in her hand and legs

stefanie horn wearing black dress

stefanie horn drawing tattoos in her thighs

stefanie horn sitting hand on the head

stefanie horn wearing black bra

stefanie horn drawing tattoos in her hand

stefanie horn black hair

stefanie horn in front of mirror

stefanie horn lying in bed with wearing black bra

stefanie horn caught her bra strap

stefanie horn attractive mood

stefanie horn nice eye

stefanie horn sexy mood

stefanie horn lying in bed hand on chest

stefanie horn finger on the lips

stefanie horn opening up her bra

stefanie horn wearing black panties

stefanie horn standing in the kitchen

stefanie horn drinking

stefanie horn lying with close her eyes

stefanie horn lying hand on the chest

stefanie horn showing her backside

stefanie horn sitting on the wall

stefanie horn wearing white panties

stefanie horn drawing tattoos her all body

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