A Mesmerising 4k Video Tour of Burning Man 2019

You may have heard about Burning Man, but how much do you really know about it? The story you’ve most likely heard is that it’s a hedonistic gathering where just about anything goes. But did you also know that it’s actually intended to be an art event as well? The Burning Man Art Tour 2019 4K video on YouTube captures some of the installations from the most recent Burning Man.

Burning Man is held on Black Rock City, Nevada. The barren playa hosts some 70,000 people for the nine day event, and when it’s over, no scrap of evidence that the show was ever there is left behind. Perhaps most impressive about this event, however, is the massive installations that are erected and then taken down. As Burning Man has grown in popularity, more talented individuals are participating in the event, including more architects and artists. The 2019 Burning Man saw artists like Benjamin Lanholz, architect Geordi Van Der Bosch, motion graphics designer Ashley Wilkie, and designer Michael Tsaturyan. Shalaco Studio filmed a three-minute long tour of the art. While the video covered a lot, Shalaco readily admits that he didn’t get to everything—despite logging around 200 miles trying to do so. Over the course of the video, Shalaco presents many of the art pieces with 360-degree spins around the objects as well as a lot of sped up footage. This year’s theme of Metamorphosis inspired the artists—and the visitors—to explore their self-expression. “Two thousand years before Kafka’s Gregor Samsa woke up as a cockroach, Ovid, the literary bad boy of First Century Rome, was writing about metamorphoses dire and diverse,” reads the explanation of the Burning Man theme. “Burning Man is a million stories, and the through-line across them all is change. Transformation happens whether we believe in it or not; but if we have learned anything in our Burning Man experience it is that we do have a say in our own futures, that agency is ours if we choose to pursue it.” Shalaco’s video helps you to experience the metamorphoses of Burning Man for yourself.

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