Crescent Tools Enlists Sam Kekovich to Rep Their Aussie Made Measuring Tapes

Taking a break from his usual schtick of lambasting vegans this time of year, footballer, king of the BBQ and official Lambassador Sam Kekovich has laid down the tongs in aid of sharing an important message with his fellow Australians: buy local tape measures.

While foreign-made tape measures may come across as a pretty niche gripe for most, it’s not unfathomable to imagine just how many tradies in this country use one on a daily basis, and just how integral keeping top-qual tapes clipped to their belts is for getting the job done.

Toolmakers of repute Crescent decided it was time to spread the word about their premium products by using a voice already familiar to those versed in un-Australian behaviour, and the perils of buying imported tapes when there’s a much better quality Aussie-made product available.

Challenging tradies to call out others on the worksite whose tapes don’t “measure up”, Sam Kekovich barks at the camera in a way only Sam Kekovich can, imploring viewers to make sure they can boast the best in the business features in their toolkit.

“Sam Kekovich is an authentic patriot, if not the Aussie patriot”, says Kristin Viccars, Crescent Lufkin Marketing Manager.

“We couldn’t be happier to have partnered with him for the ‘Does Your Mate Measure Up?’ campaign. Expect more of Sams classic catchphrases and Aussie slang in the months to come and remember to look for the Australian Made logo next time you buy a tape measure—Crescent Lufkin is the only business proudly manufacturing tape measures here in Australia, so heed Sam’s advice and make sure you, and your mate, measure up this year.”

This is just the first instalment in a series of videos from the brand featuring the iconic VFL player, to be rolled out during 2019.

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