Russian Slapping Competition Shows that Anything Goes

So, what do you do for entertainment in the frozen tundra of Siberia? Evidently, you hold slapping contests. Sponsored by Geneticlab Nutrition and Generation Iron, the competition features men taking turns slapping each other. The competitors line up across a table from each other and must stand still as their foe slaps them.

You may suspect that slaps wouldn’t do much, but some of the competitors stagger after receiving the blows. One competitor was even slapped into a semi-conscious state and had to be escorted off stage while being treated with smelling salts.

The competition happened in Krasnoyarsk. Vasily Pelmen, who goes by the nickname “Dumpling,” took home the championship and the purse of 30,000 rubles—about USD$460. The competition was a part of the Siberian Power Show, which included other events such as bodybuilding competitions, powerlifting, dance-offs, and a dumpling eating contest. This isn’t the first slapping competition for Russia. At last year’s Sarychev Power Expo another was held.

You can watch the highlights of the competition on YouTube in all its slap-happy glory. And don’t worry about being ashamed at getting your kicks out of watching grown men slapping each other silly—there was quite the crowd gathered at the event doing the exact same thing.

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