Ryan Reynolds Discusses His Side Hustle

The Wall Street Journal has launched a new series interviewing celebrities. For this debut video, Ryan Reynolds sits down with news editor Lee Hawkins. Reynolds discusses various topics from his early days as the youngest of four boys. Those days seemed more like being a moving target rather than a younger brother, Reynolds recalls. That time helped Reynolds develop his perceptive skills, which has helped him in his acting career.

Acting for Reynolds was just a way to get out of the house, not necessarily a passion. Reynolds also developed improv comedy as a way to diffuse situations, which lead him to going to Hollywood to try his hand at improv. Eventually, he ran out of money and had to get an agent. The journey was a difficult one for Reynolds, until he finally got his foot in the door.

That lead to a few roles in action movies, where Reynolds started making a name for himself. Then Deadpool hit. But what most people don’t know is that it took 11 years of Reynolds campaigning to get it made. Reynolds not only starred in the movie, but also produced and wrote it.

The interview also covers Reynolds’ transition into other areas, such as entrepreneurship with his purchase of Aviation Gin. Reynolds approaches that business with the attitude that he doesn’t know anything, and that humility leaves him open to learning. His love of marketing and gin led to his purchase of Aviation Gin. His marketing has gone viral with videos and emails, and the non-traditional approach has proven to be very successful for Reynolds. The gin isn’t the only connection that Reynolds has with aviation. He’s also partnered with Virgin airlines to get his Gin into all their planes. Reynolds has no plans of letting Aviation go, but what’s to see it continue to grow.

Reynolds has a lot of projects in the queue and will be keeping busy for the foreseeable future. Reynolds holds true to the line from Van Wilder, “Don’t take life too seriously because you’ll never get out alive.”

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