The Big Lebowski Returns for a Good Cause in Stella’s New Super Bowl Ad

People in completely different social circles often never cross paths, much less have anything in common. Beer producer Stella Artois imagined what would happen if two such people did meet. Their 2019 Super Bowl ad depicts Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, arriving at a posh restaurant. Instead of ordering her usual cosmopolitan, Bradshaw orders a Stella Artois. Havoc, of course, ensues, with waiters dropping orders and the string quartet missing their beat. When her pint arrives, the camera switches to the restaurant’s next guess—The Dude from The Big Lebowski, made famous by Jeff Bridges. The same idea plays out, with The Dude not ordering a White Russian, but a Stella Artois (which he mispronounces) instead. The Dude ends up sitting next to Bradshaw, who congratulates him on his choice of beverage. The Dude responds, “Changing can do a little good.”

That last line references Stella Artois’s “Pour it Forward” campaign, which was introduced in last year’s Super Bowl Ad with Matt Damon. Pour it Forward works to bring clean water to communities around the world that don’t have any. It’s good to see The Dude again—and even to see Bradshaw again—but it’s even better to see them supporting a good cause.