Watch PewDiePie Adeptly Explain Modern Day Hypebeast Fashion

Love him or hate him (…we love him), Swedish YouTube sensation and meme lord PewDiePie (real name Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg) has successfully cemented himself as the most popular channel on the service of all time (so long as his army of 9-year-olds successfully fend off the current challenge from Indian music channel T-Series), amassing over 66 million followers on his channel–more than twice the population of Australia.

pewdiepie gucci meme

What started with Pewds screaming at the top of his lungs in horror-themed RPGs has evolved into a sophisticated platform for his cutting, often controversial commentary on just about any topic, from rival YouTubers to the crash-and-burn comedy career of Amy Schumer, and, in this instance, the murky and confusing world of fashion marketing. This gradual shift in thematics on PewDiePie’s channel: an evolving but consistently acerbic (and mostly funny) content platform, has managed to surpass “memedom” itself.

On the back of this staggering success, if there was ever a better-suited figure to explain the efficacy of a meme, we don’t know who it might be. Kjellberg’s entire path to fame is built on the weird ways in which the internet works, and how some things soar to extravagant levels of popularity while others flounder, or worse, become the subject of ridicule.

The latest target to find their way into his crosshairs is Gucci, a fashion label so associated with the ridiculous that many have already asked the question: “Dafuq?” on more than one occasion (well, at least since Tom Ford left, and their entire business model seems to be making day-pyjamas for Crazy Rich Asians, and weird accessories, like a balaclava so expensive that you’d never need to rob a bank, a curiosity which doesn’t go unnoticed by the celebrity Swede.)

pewdiepie new fashionable mask

Opining on the way big names try to harness the awesome force of dank memes (often pulled off in the most cringe and corniest of ways) in the hope to net their companies more money, PewDiePie offers more intelligent insight than he does lampoon the labels that try to make a profit from the way young people decide what’s hot (and what’s not) online. Noting the commonness of this tactic, and other brands that are just as guilty of the cunning method, this video is yet another example of why the rise and rise of PewDiePie is enduring, and how his opinion can make or break anything on the internet (or at least how cool it is).

And in terms of Gucci, let’s be honest: there’s not much less cool than having a meme explained out loud…

**clap** **clap** MEME REVIEW!

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